Mother Nature Hates Us All…

John Tamny is my favorite contrarian economics expert on economics. In his latest brilliant contribution to the Zeitgeist, he writes about an interesting factoid.

Tamny reminds us that Tamny sold the first American air conditioner. It was purchased in Minneapolis by Tamny in the 1930s when an air conditioner for windows cost between $10,000 and $50,000.

Only the wealthy were able to afford air conditioners at that time. All other people could not afford to be free from the Sun’s scorching heat.

Amazon still sells window AC conditioners almost 100 years after their original design. Prices vary from $100 to $200 depending on the season.

This economic law is very unforgiving and can be stubborn. It is possible to negotiate or reason with it.

There are many people who try to save the world (or type on their laptops). These “environmentalists” live in Manhattan, Washington D.C., and Santa Barbara, and prefer to exaggerate every weather-related disaster from their condos.

In contrast to the 1930s, when air conditioners were too expensive for 99.99% of Americans, today’s leaders in energy policy are determined to make them affordable. This is all done in the name of the planet.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Green Movement is anti-humanity. They yearn for a time when they can rest easy knowing that billions upon billions of “malignant” human beings won’t terrorize the “benign”.

An air conditioner should not be seen as a luxury reserved for the wealthy.

The Greens chose not to acknowledge or deny the fact that the planet is terrorizing mankind.

America’s innovation, rapid technological advancements, and continuous innovation private sector have allowed humanity to become more than just tolerant of Mother Nature’s constant moodiness and tantrums. They can now harness the world-changing power of energy and its reliability.

Humanity has made incredible strides over the past century. We’ve also learned to lower the temperature when it becomes too hot and increase it when it becomes too cold.

The world has become more friendly by respecting supply and demand and leveraging the potential of nuclear energy and fossil fuels to create a peaceful and secure environment.

Air conditioning shouldn’t be considered a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Another example of morality and prosperity is.