Mitt Romney Just Stomped All Over Liz Cheney’s Presidential Dreams

Rep. Liz Cheney (R, Wyoming) has just lost her primary after Harriet Hageman delivered an epic stomping to her and the Wyoming people.

Cheney lost not only by 38 points but also more than what the polls predicted. Why? Because Wyoming was fed up with her obsession with Donald Trump. They were completely disappointed in her performance as a representative. She didn’t care about their opinions and attacked them for supporting Trump. But she also failed to serve them on the real issues.

Cheney, in keeping with the great tradition of those who fail and want to succeed upward, is considering whether she will run for president. She is not sure that winning her Wyoming race is a sign that she should run nationally. In her concession speech, she even compared herself with Abraham Lincoln. Talk about delusional.

It’s possible that some left-leaning people might support this effort. They might think that she could draw votes away for the Republican nominee in 2024 if she runs as a third-party candidate. She will not be the Republican nominee.

Many media outlets are still trying to pump her up, while Trump is still being attacked.

Now that she has lost, it seems like at least one “Never Trumper”, at least in her bid for the presidency, might be jumping on the Cheney train. It is Sen. Mitt Romney (R.UT), the man who flips with the wind.

“I won’t encourage anyone to run to be president”. I have done it myself and I won’t do it again. I don’t think she wants to do that. If she ran, she would not be the nominee. “I can’t believe that would happen,” Romney said to the Deseret News Thursday.

He said that Cheney might run for other purposes, but that he was not involved in the effort.

He’s not going on board with an unsuccessful effort to remove the Republican nominee. This is quite intriguing coming from Romney. However, expect more people to not be on board with it if he keeps dumping all over it. The last sentence is the most hilarious. He does not want anyone to believe that he will be open to the “collaboration”, which he believes is coming down the pike. He thinks that she may run for “other purposes.”

What would these “other purposes” be for? A lot of money for the anti-Trump group she is going to start. Lincoln Project 2.0? The first failed. This is what you call craven use of the process. Liz Cheney would be the one to blame.

If you are unable to get Mitt Romney, who hates Trump.

Expect more dumping from the establishment/NeverTrump Republicans now that Cheney is so clearly rejected.