McDonald’s Gets Grilled: Will Boycotts Hurt the Burger Giant?

When you hear of a “burger war”, you might think of McDonald’s or Burger King. Not in this case. McDonald’s was criticized for giving free meals to Israeli soldiers.

I find it interesting that McDonald’s only has a left-wing voice, but it is not surprising. This is yet another example of their paradoxical plan.

Liberals try to convince others that they are committed to equality and justice. They only support these ideas if you agree with their views. In this instance, a McDonald’s in Lebanon was destroyed as “retaliation “. Radical leftists then called for a boycott of McDonald’s.

The New York Post reported on Thursday that McDonald’s Israel has given away 12,000 free meals to IDF soldiers as well as Israeli residents. McDonald’s Israel’s official Instagram page confirmed the news. The page has since been made private in order to prevent harassment.

The straightforward post read that the restaurant chain had, “donated and continues to donate tens of thousands of meals to IDF units, the police, hospitals, residents around the Strip, and all rescue forces. We continue donating thousands of meals daily to our forces across the country. In addition to a 50% discount to soldiers and security forces who come to our branches.”

McDonald’s Israel has announced the opening of 5 restaurants that will provide 4,000 meals per day to IDF personnel and local residents.

McDonald’s Pakistan posted the following message to social media:

McDonald’s Oman joins in the party:

Al Maousherji Catering Company and McDonald’s Kuwait’s own statements:

Naila Adyad is a Palestinian activist who posted the following on Facebook to urge a boycott of McDonald’s worldwide:

So an independent licensee in Israel supports its country, and the radical left hates it. However, the left fully understands the Arab and Muslim counterparts supporting Palestine. The liberal response is, “Let’s destroy a restaurant in Lebanon and call for a global boycott.”

McDonald’s is not appealing to me. The last time I visited was in 2008 when I ordered a simple breakfast sandwich.

We deserve a rest after the rhetoric of the Left this week, and I will eat fries if it frustrates the Left.