McCarthy Loses Fourth Speaker Vote As Conservatives Support Rep. Byron Donalds

After GOP leadership considered a motion for adjournment, Kevin McCarthy lost his fourth speaker ballot.

After three failed speaker ballots, the House was initially forced to adjourn Tuesday night and resume its regular schedule on Wednesday noon. McCarthy fell 16 votes short of the third ballot. Twenty fellow Republicans supported Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. After a night’s negotiations, Republicans considered adjourning again the House, but they did not do so after Democrats opposed it.

On Tuesday, anti-McCarthy Republicans voted for Jordan. Donalds was able to receive 20 votes. All of his supporters had previously voted for Jordan on the third round.

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader, again won all 212 Democratic votes. McCarthy received 201. Republican Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz voted “present” for McCarthy.

“There is a good reason to nominate Byron. This country needs to see a shift. “This country needs leadership that doesn’t reflect this city, this community, that is broken,” Texas Rep. Chip Roy stated in a floor speech recommending Donalds. “We are not in the right place to ensure that we stand up against the swamp that step over the American people every day.

Donalds launched an insurgent campaign against Elise Stefanik, a New York Rep. for Republican conference chair. At the November conference meeting, he received 74 votes.

McCarthy’s supporters claim that McCarthy is the only Republican capable of obtaining the votes necessary to rise to the Speakership.

“I am a retired Navy SEAL officer enlisted man. Let me tell you a few universal truths. Rocks are very heavy. Wood is the main ingredient of trees. Gravity is real. “No other Republican can pull 218,” Derrick Van Orden, the incoming Wisconsin Representative, told The Daily Caller.