Matthew Perry Backtracks on Bizarre Dig at Keanu Reeves in Book

This is one of the most outrageous Hollywood stories of recent years. A controversy broke out in an otherwise routine affair on Wednesday: the roll-out of a celebrity memoir, “tell all”. Matthew Perry, the “Friends”, actor, was at the center of this controversy.

A brief history of Perry’s journey from drug addiction to helping others

Matthew Perry spoke Wednesday on his addiction to opioids in a preview of his book. The book will be available in newsstands starting November 1

Perry, who is best known for his role on “Friends” as Chandler Bing, revealed that he almost died from a gastrointestinal leakage at the age of 49 and spent many months in hospital. People reports.

Doctors believe that the star of Friends had a very low chance of survival.

Perry stated, “Doctors had told him that he had a 2 percent chance of survival. ”

Then Variety reported Wednesday that Perry also took some bizarre, unexplained digs at actor Keanu Reeves in the book, with one mention coming-inexplicably-while remembering the late actor/comedian Chris Farley:

Perry’s disease advanced faster than mine. “I found myself talking about his death from alcohol and drugs. ”

Other parts of the book mention Reeves. Perry is even more bizarre, writing:

Perry writes: “The list of geniuses who were ahead of their time is too long to me to detail here — suffice to say that near the top of such a list should I be my costar in ‘A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon’ River Phoenix,” Perry writes.

Perry said that River was an extraordinary man, both inside and outside. Perry says River was an amazing man inside and out.

Variety published a Thursday update about its book details story. Perry’s statement was included in the update, which reads:

Matthew Perry apologized and stated that he is a big fan of Keanu. I made a mistake. I said so to People.

This isn’t supposed to be an apology. As Perry would know, Reeves was close with River Phoenix. They were castmates in films like “Your Own Private Idaho”, which is a cult-indie film.

By the entanglement of Phoenix’s memory in the cheap shots taken by Reeves towards Phoenix, I was reminded again of Andrew Breitbart’s first book, Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon — The Case Against Celebrity.

In about half of “Hollywood …”., he talks about LaLaland’s dysfunctional family of actors. It’s like trying to put hot irons in someone’s wounds to make it seem that way.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user posted a long thread about positive actions Keanu took. Sometimes, he didn’t even get the attention of the media. Here’s the thread’s beginning.

These are just two reasons Reeves is a great man. These dates are only for 2022.

This is the first. Breitbart News reported in January that Reeves decided to take part in an online concert hosted and managed by Tibet House, a Tibetan heritage organization.

Keanu Reeves will perform at the March 3 virtual concert. The concert will be hosted by Philip Glass who is a composer and long-standing Tibet supporter.

This made Xi Jinping the dictator of the country and its president for life unhappy. Some called for “a boycott” of Matrix: Resurrections within the Middle Kingdom. This is clear evidence that Reeves is extremely upset about it.

According to the Taiwan Central News Agency, some Chinese have called for a boycott of Matrix: Resurrections due to Reeves’ participation at the Tibet concert.

It is less important but still very significant: Jimmy Fallon, comedian and actor on “Tonight Show”, made Jimmy Fallon’s 48th Birthday celebration even more fun in October. Page Six exclusively reported the following:

Keanu Reeves, the star of “The Matrix”, surprised Jimmy Fallon with ice cream at Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. The Polo Lounge is where the Beatles used to sing together before they became smashed diners.

Spies told Page Six that “Tonight Show,” a New York City-based host was visiting Beverly Hills Hotel to film “That’s My Jam,” another NBC program.

Fallon noticed with his friends that Reeves was also eating at the old-school spot.

Page Six was informed by an informer that Jimmy had said “hi!” to Reeves, and his friends, and sent them olives. Keanu replied by sending him ice cream and a candle. Jimmy was greeted by the place.

They reportedly later sang a duet of “Hey Jude” by The Beatles.

No matter what side you take in the Hollywood story, the damage has already been done and cannot be undone with a p.r. Statements such as these are for books and the “love” of money. The Bible has clear statements about the latter.