Marijuana Decriminalization Could Help Republicans Win Elections

Republicans and conservatives are increasingly accepting the idea of decriminalizing marijuana. Some high-profile GOP leaders, however, still hold fast to the idea that the government has the right to punish those who sell or consume marijuana. Many on the right, however, are realizing that not only is this a violation but it’s also a stupid political position.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently changed his position. Ron DeSantis, during a South Carolina campaign stop, expressed his opposition to the federal decriminalization of marijuana.

DeSantis supported the implementation of medical marijuana in 2016 when Florida voters approved an amendment to the constitution. Now that DeSantis is running for President, he seems to project a tough image on crime and emphasize his opposition to illicit drugs, including Fentanyl.

DeSantis answered a question during his South Carolina event on Thursday from someone who claimed to represent “a couple of broken veterans” with service-related diseases, illnesses, and injuries.

The individual asked, “We’re asking please, will you decriminalize cannabis in 2025?”

DeSantis stated, “I don’t think we’d do that.” “But what I did in Florida was, I believe that we have a medical program through our constitution, which the voters approved, and so veterans in Florida who are in these situations, they are actually allowed access. It’s controversial because there are people who abuse it or use it recreationally.

DeSantis went on to mention the dangers of fentanyl which has been responsible for the deaths of tens and thousands of Americans. He said that the drug was very potent and dangerous. “It’s bad for youth when these kids do this, and I think we need to be united as a community.” “We don’t want policies to be implemented that will make drugs more accessible to our children. “You don’t know what’s in these products because they can contain things like fentanyl, and you can even die from ingesting it.”

A majority of Americans, including Republican voters, want to see weed decriminalized at the federal level.

A new national survey shows that over two-thirds (67%) of Republican voters are in favor of reforming cannabis policy on the federal level. The poll found that 68% of voters who are likely to vote in the Republican presidential primaries or caucuses of 2024 support ending federal prohibition on cannabis. The Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation commissioned the poll, and it showed that 70% of respondents supported a state taking the lead in cannabis legalization.

A second poll, conducted in 2020, examined attitudes toward Kamala Harris’ proposal to decriminalize the plant. The poll also revealed that the majority of Republican voters supported the idea.

Let’s be blunt: there is no reason why the government should dictate to anyone whether they can consume or sell marijuana. Any conservative or libertarian should find it abhorrent that the government should send men in uniforms with guns to lock people up over a marijuana plant. DeSantis, and many other Republican politicians, seem to think they know best what is best for us.

Let’s start with the fentanyl issue. It is true that opioid has been laced into marijuana, but this is not how most people consume it unknowingly. In powder form, it resembles heroin, methamphetamine, and other hard street drugs.

Decriminalizing marijuana would reduce the chance that users would accidentally consume fentanyl, as it would be sold legally by vendors who would be likely regulated by state and local governments.

The children are next!

I have always been irritated by this argument against marijuana since nobody thinks that kids should consume the plant. The same goes for alcohol and tobacco. There are already laws that prohibit this. It will be the exact same thing when weed decriminalizes. No one is in favor of minors smoking ganja.

Conservatives and Republicans have more reasons to support decriminalization.

The decriminalization and freedom of individuals are core conservative principles. Republicans can champion individual responsibility by supporting this policy change. They also empower people to make their own choices about their well-being. Eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use allows individuals to avoid life-altering legal consequences.

Decriminalizing marijuana will also allow law enforcement agencies to concentrate on crimes that actually occur – such as those that threaten others’ rights. Redirecting resources to more urgent issues will improve public safety. Resources are limited. The current enforcement of marijuana laws diverts resources and puts strain on the criminal justice system. Decriminalizing marijuana will allow Republican politicians to do more for “law and Order” by focusing on serious crimes with victims.

It is important to note that Republicans will benefit greatly from decriminalizing marijuana. This will help them to shed the impression that conservatives care more about locking up people who they don’t agree with than justice and public security. They will also be more in line with the wishes of the majority of Americans instead of playing the nanny-state game of educating people on the dangers of smoking marijuana while rolling a joint in the background.

You shouldn’t be looking at me that way. You know that these people smoke marijuana while telling us not to!

Liberty is the ability to make your own choices about what you put in your body. The state should not be policing the morality of individuals. It is hoped that the GOP will realize this soon.