Kamala’s North Korea Blunder Latest In Long Line Of Awkward Gaffes

Inadvertently, Vice President Kamala Harris praised the United States’s strong alliance and the “Republic of North Korea,” during a speech at The Demilitarized Zone on Korea Peninsula. This was likely to be referring to the “Republic of Korea,” also known as South Korea.

This slip-up occurred during Harris’s first visit at the DMZ on Thursday. Harris had pledged that the U.S. would back South Korea against the North Korean government. This was just the latest in a series of mistakes made by the vice president in her tenure in office. It provided fodder to her Republican critics as well as her operatives.

While President Joe Biden is well-known for his verbal missteps and Harris has many, Harris has headlines when she stumbles on awkward speech delivery or misspelling words.

Harris stumbles over words when asked about Roe V. Wade

Harris seemed to be struggling to find words as he tried to explain why Roe v. Wade was not codified over the past five decades. Instead, Harris suggested that certain things are “just settled.”

Harris has a tongue-tied solution for federal transportation investments

Harris appeared to be unable to remember her words during a speech she gave at the White House in July. She was promoting the Biden administration’s efforts to improve job development and transport.

During a Mental Health and Wellness Event at Children’s National Hospital, May, the vice president had another awkward speech delivery. He repeated lines and made grammatical mistakes.

Kamala insists that we all work together

Harris made one of his most famous gaffes during a May conference with delegate of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations at State Department. The vice president tried to emphasize that the U.S. would strive for a world that is interconnected and interdependent during that meeting.