Joy Reid Calls Tim Scott’s Vote Against Jackson ‘Barking Dog Racist,’ He Quickly Returned Fire

The extreme left views South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott as a problem. This was also true for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The Left’s misguided view is that Black conservatives refuse to live on a liberal plantation. Joy Reid should be the judge, jury, and executioner of this race-hustling age.

The story begins Monday when Scott declared that he would not vote for Ketanjijack being confirmed by Supreme Court. The nomination by Judge Jackson is historic and reflects the country’s progress. It is important to think about ideology when considering such a significant, lifelong position.

Judge Jackson is not the best choice for the Supreme Court. Because of her judicial views on many of today’s most pressing issues, I cannot support a nominee. It is still disappointing to see that President Biden didn’t seize the chance to unite with a mainstream nominee, who could have enjoyed broad bipartisan support. (Jackson was reaffirmed by the Senate 53-4 on Thursday).

This was not racist, Joy Reid witnessed it. But it was shockingly obvious.

According to The Blaze, Reid Scott claimed that Jackson was his opponent. Reid claimed that Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican senator, and law enforcement “dogwalk[ing] Scott”, effectively referring to Scott as an accomplice in Graham’s “barking dog racism “.

In response to a tweet from a random keyboard warrior “Tim Scott haven’t [sic] achieved anything [sic] since he was in the Senate”, Reid tweeted: All of this is true. Because Scott is Tim Scott, he will now support Jackson and Lindsey’s dog-barking racism.

This woman has a delusional obsession with race.

Jackson has never asked for lenient sentences in child porn cases against child rape offenders. Jackson asked because Jackson isn’t a biologist and she couldn’t define “woman”.

It doesn’t really matter what color it’s. It matters that a Black senator voted to nominate a Black Supreme Court judge.

Fox & Friends asked Scott why Reid’s ludicrous rant was so offensive: “Joy’s statement was offensive because it implied that a black man cannot think for himself and must be guided.” “This only reinforces liberal elites’ treatment of minorities, and millions want to voice their opinions.”

“The liberal elite wants us to look like canines. They don’t want anyone to criticize their actions or lead the country in the wrong direction.”

Scott stated, “It is vile. It’s offensive.” Scott said that liberal media outlets should not permit their hosts to promote these stories. They want only one thing: progressive liberal policies to make African Americans’ lives harder.

I’m not Black so I can’t use the word “Amen” because I don’t feel it.

I’ve been witness to the exploitation and pandering of Black America by the Democrat Party over the past six decades. The Democrats have not only failed spectacularly in their hollow promises to Black Americans; they have convinced a (dwindling) majority of Blacks that while the Democrats might not have delivered as promised, to just think how bad things would be if they weren’t in office to protect the known universe from evil “systemically-racist” Republicans.

I also have a good grasp of Senator Tim Scott’s beliefs and lifestyle.