Joe Rogan Tells The Truth About The Word Groomer

Groomers don’t like to be called groomers, but if you’re trying to sexualize children for political or personal reasons, that’s what you are. Joe Rogan, a podcast host, went on a little rant and pointed out something groomers should understand.

Rogan spoke with Gad Saad while on Joe Rogan’s Experience. He brought up the topic of very strange people who believe in introducing children to sexualization and other inappropriate activities. Although these people don’t like what they have been called, Rogan says that if the boot fits, they will wear it. Perhaps they should also stop grooming children.

Rogan started by emphasizing the difference between education, and indoctrination, and that activist trying to confuse them, Rogan has only one response: “f**k you.”

“Someone told me (or I read it) that “groomer “… a lot of people online don’t like the term”. Rogan said that “they are very upset. But they’re real. They are groomers”.

He continued, “Here’s the most important thing. “Don’t let people groom your f***ing children. This is more important than being uncomfortable with the word “right” because it’s used by people to the right.”

Rogan mentioned that a person he considered intelligent suggested it was a bit taboo to use groomers.

Rogan said, “No, there shouldn’t be groomers!”

Rogan would then go on to say that not all teachers were groomers. However, a lot are teachers who groom teachers. This has become a serious problem. Teachers have been caught performing lewd acts in front of children, including exposing their bodies or doing worse.

Twitter account “Libs of TikTok,” has a history of documenting teachers who openly confess to trying to indoctrinate students’ sexualization. Many of them were fired. Yet, teachers continue to brag about the exploitation of children in public.

A groomer is one example of the times when the left has lost control of the language. This often steps one in controlling the narrative. When they tried to push radical subjects onto the children of Americans, the left got into trouble and continued to push it despite Americans expressing their disapproval. The term “groomer” was born and is used by everyone, from groomers to those who try to defend them.

These people are becoming less popular with the general public. Many parents are causing havoc in their communities by firing off offenders’ teachers and replacing them on boards. These groomers don’t seem to be able to see the harm in their actions despite all the noise and outcry. They seem to believe it’s a sign to work harder.

If this is the case, they can expect the public’s reaction to being even more intense.