Joe Biden’s Fake Opinion on Transgender Children Could be Harmful for Confused Children

The wait is over for those who waited with bated breath to hear from Joe Biden on the topic of transgenderism, children. In a video, the president responded to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act and asked parents to affirm their child’s “identity”.

Some excerpts are available in the New York Post.

“To all who celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility I want to let you know that your president — Jill Kamala, Doug, and our entire administration — sees and respects you for who you really are — made an image of God, deserving of dignity and respect,” Biden stated in a video message, naming the vice president, first lady and second gentleman.

Let’s just stop there. Yes, transgender people are made in God’s image. It is also true that all people are made in God’s image. This doesn’t make all human behavior or decision-making divinely acceptable. Joe Biden was a fair-weather Catholic. But, you would expect him to have a deeper understanding of God’s will.

This is the dumb part of Biden’s headline. After that, he moved on to the more disturbing parts. This is what Biden had to say when addressing parents or children.

He said, “Parents of transgender children, affirming their child’s identity can be one of the most powerful and important things you can do to keep them healthy and safe.” Transgender Americans who are struggling should know that they’re not the only ones.

The president concluded the video by saying, “You’re so courageous. We are here for you.

This argument is extremely harmful to me. Children cannot make life-changing decisions about their “identity,” because they are still children. It is absurd to think that a 10-year old can make life-changing decisions about their identity. If such fantasies were entertained in a more rational time, it would be considered child abuse. The idea of transitioning children is a popular political idea. It’s also a lucrative business for doctors who want to make a living off their radial views.

Let’s not forget Biden’s claim that “we have you back,” which is a wink to children who dare to challenge their parents. Children are not government wards. They have parents who are responsible for their safety, instilling good values and raising them in a way that isn’t harmful. My children are not the property of Joe Biden or any other member.

The “transgenderism” phenomenon among the younger generation is not an accident. The biological and psychological realities of human beings didn’t suddenly change in the last generation. It was a constant onslaught by far-left gender propaganda designed to indoctrinate children. Worse, this movement exists almost exclusively to support the delusions and beliefs of adults who want their worldview to be confirmed regardless of what.

Parents shouldn’t “affirm” that a child believes they are a different sex. While the objective reality is important, there are very harmful aspects to allowing children to transgenderism. This transition would be something they wouldn’t have thought of if not for adult affirmation. If a child becomes an adult and wants to pursue this, it’s their decision. As long as a child is still a child, they must be provided with the support they need and not forced into irreversible, destructive behavior.

Let’s face it, this is a real thing. Joe Biden is almost 80 years old. He doesn’t believe what he says. He is simply repeating what he has been told. This makes it worse because he is encouraging harmful behavior for children and is too cowardly to speak against it.