Joe Biden Gets Help from Jill During Press Briefing, Still Makes Bad Israel Comments

Joe Biden’s coherence at the White House was again a mess.

He arrived back from his vacation in Delaware in the early morning.

On Monday, he had three things on his agenda. The three items on his schedule were not related to any of the current crises, such as the Israeli war or hostage issues.

Usually, he’s just doing something formal. For example, he invited the Vegas Golden Knights to the White House, after they won the Stanley Cup 2023.

The festival was incoherent.

Biden didn’t know who the president was when he said: “President Harris is going to make sure we do things the right way.”

The player with the long blonde hair begins to smile or laugh as the clip ends.

He spoke of the Philadelphia Eagles because his wife is a fan. What does he mean by “not have them leave”? Is this a joke he tells all the time, but it’s never funny?

Then I have no idea what the heck Biden is talking about here, and I don’t think he does either. Drafted or undrafted? Who knows? Certainly not Joe.

But then when he was questioned by reporters at his second event of the day — signing a Memorandum that will establish the first-ever White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research — he needed help from his wife to answer. One of the reporters asked if Biden had spoken with Israel about taking any specific precautions regarding the hospitals in Gaza (before attacking Hamas who hide in such buildings). It sounds like the staff was trying to get the press out of there, but Jill Biden then had to help redirect him to the question as his brain seemed to wander off. “The hospital in Gaza,” she says, prompting him.

Biden said that he spoke to Israelis, and expressed his hopes for a more intrusive approach at hospitals.

“Also there’s an effort to take this pause to deal with release of prisoners. And that’s being negotiated as well, with Qataris engaged. So I remain somewhat hopeful. Regardless, the hospital must be protected.”

He’s trying to appease the left, who want a ceasefire. He is trying to appease those on the left who are calling for a ceasefire.

Why does he refer to “hostages” and “prisoners”? “Words have meaning.

What can be done to get them out of the hospital?

This is the first time that a war has been fought in such a way. Israel has been asked by its own government to defend itself with its hands tied behind its back.

Biden: Do you mean that Israel has your complete support? His attempt to play both sides is a bit of a sham.