Jewelry Store Owner’s Children Fight Off Robbers

Three ordinary clerks transformed into superheroes to fight off a team of robbers in a wild scene from a dystopian lawless nightmare.

Four hooded thugs broke into the Princess Bride Diamonds jewelry shop in Huntington Beach, Calif. Sunday. One of the thugs took a hammer and smashed a glass display case. The store associates were able to set them on fire before they could complete the “grab” portion of their mission.

Dallas Baca (son of Trans and Lisa Baca store owners) began the defensive action by charging criminals and landing full-contact punches on one intruder’s face. The thief fell to the ground near the front door. His friends then trampled him. Another employee joined the fight, punching another thief and kick-kicking the miscreant with her stylish tan boots. Dallas’s sister Sarah came in with a stool, which she used to great advantage as both a noggin bonker and a Ram. The would-be robbers were defeated and fled the store.

California’s ruling Democrat party’s policies to tolerate riots, decriminalize crime and undermine law enforcement have caused a lot of chaos. This has made it difficult for many businesses to survive. As expected, law enforcement tells civilians to ignore the fact that their businesses are being pillaged and instead think about the equity flag and call 9-1-1 to report a complaint. Store owners know that terrorized employees and stolen stock are not the best ways to run a business.

Sarah Baca, a stool-wielder, stated that she jumped into action to defend her brother and the other employee of the store. She stated that she was just trying to grab the “heaviest object” to deter others and hit them as hard as possible.

“I am tired of it. It is just so sickening to watch it all over the news. It’s so sad,” Sarah lamented. We hope things will change. Criminals need to be sent to jail. It shouldn’t be up to the people to do things like this to help their staff and themselves.

She explained that “We had been concerned since the riots started when lootings and violence occurred in L.A., but it’s just been continuing down to Orange County.” We know it’s happening in our area a lot, but it’s crazy when it happens”.

She said, “But we just really wish that police can be funded more to stop this type of thing happening and that criminals get actually prosecuted so they don’t feel so brazenly to do this in public daylight.”

Sarah stated, “I believe that this is like our livelihood.” “We want California to be great again.”