‘Jaws 2’ Star Marc Gilpin Dead at 56

Actress Peri Gilpin has confirmed that her brother Marc Gilpin has passed away. He was best known as Sean Brody, in “Jaws 2”.

Marc Gilpin, who had been fighting cancer for some time, passed away on Saturday in Dallas. He was 56. Peri Gilpin wrote a moving tribute on Instagram to remember her brother’s close relationship with his wife Kaki.

She wrote: “Kaki, Marc, and their boys took care of one another with kindness, dignity, and humor.” “When Marc fell ill, Kaki, their sons, and the entire family surrounded Marc with love, hugs, and unwavering support.”


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“I want to express my admiration for Kaki’s role as a mother, wife, teacher of first grade, sister, and sister-in-law, and unflinching caregiver. Kaki, you are an amazing woman and it’s easy to see that he loves you so much and will always love you.

Gilpin first announced her brother’s passing to The Hollywood Reporter.

Marc Gilpin, who beat hundreds of other young actors for the role of the youngest son of Roy Scheider’s police chief Martin Brody, in the 1978 movie.

He had a short career in Hollywood with only 15 acting credits.

In 1979, he appeared on the TV show “Fantasy Island,” with his sister April (who died in 2017), in the films “The Legend of the Lone Ranger”, and “Earthbound”, both in 1981.

He starred in 1985’s “Surviving” with Molly Ringwald, the late River Phoenix, and other actors.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jerry Silverhardt, the manager of Peri, was interested in Marc Gilpin after he had gained attention for his performance. He approached him while visiting Peri, Massachusetts. He signed the contract, but only after Peri was added.

Peri Gilpin was a hit in the early 2000s as Roz Doyle in Kelsey Grammer’s “Frasier”. She will reprise her role in Paramount+’s upcoming reboot of “Frasier”.

Marc and Scheider reunited on “Silver Spoons” in the future.

His last acting credit came in 1989. People magazine reported that he deliberately stepped back from the limelight and became a self-taught programmer and family man.