In a Nod to Reality, Biden Proposes to Expel Almost All Border Crossers and Will Visit the Border

Joe Biden was the first man to tell border-jumpers that they were welcome in the United States when he took office. His policies were “safe, orderly and humane” unlike Trump’s.

Nearly 4 million people have arrived at the border in the four years since Biden was elected president. This made it clear that this policy had been a failure. Democrats and the president tried to ignore the border crisis by pretending that there was none. The submissive and obedient news media followed orders like good lap dogs. The crisis was a problem only for those Americans who care about backward things such as security and the rule and law.

Biden now finds himself in a situation that is largely his fault. Biden is now willing to follow the same policies as Donald Trump at the border to ease the pressure on border countries that are facing an increase in illegal immigrants.

Biden is obviously trying to blame Trump in large part for the crisis.

According to the senior administration official briefing reporters, “It’s a fact that years and years of congressional inaction have created an immigrant system that doesn’t serve our national interests. This makes it harder for legal immigration to take place in orderly, safe, and humane manner.”

Donald Trump’s policies kept illegal immigrants at a trickle. It is absurd to call them “destructive”.

Washington Post:

On Thursday, President Biden will announce new immigration restrictions. This includes the expansion of programs that allow people to be removed quickly without allowing them to seek asylum. This is an attempt to address one his administration’s most politically sensitive issues at a moment when all eyes are on the disarray in Congress.

These measures will allow Biden to use “parole” authority more frequently to allow up to 30,000 migrants from Cuba and Nicaragua each month to enter the United States, provided that a sponsor in the United States applies first. Those who try to enter the region illegally will be expelled quickly by Mexico. This is because the administration plans to increase its use of Title 42, a pandemic-era public health policy. At a briefing on Thursday morning, U.S. officials informed reporters that Mexico had agreed to return 30,000 border-crossers each month from these countries.

Biden will face the same legal problems that Trump. After supporting Biden in 2020, the open-borders crowd is going to yell “betrayal!” Realistically, however, it is likely that Title 42 will be ended by the Supreme Court sometime in the summer. Biden will need to reevaluate and retreat.

Biden, who has avoided a border visit for nearly two years now says that he will stop in El Paso while on his way from Washington to Mexico City for a summit.

Biden will make an El Paso stop on Sunday in preparation for his trip to Mexico City next Wednesday for a regional summit. A government official spoke on condition of anonymity, according to the rules of the briefing. Biden stated Wednesday that he wants to see “peace at the border” and was “going to check out what’s happening.”

This will be his first trip across the border as president. It will attract international attention, and it will likely be fraught politically. The White House has some political cover because of the chaos among Republican members.

It won’t matter what the Republican speaker dust-up is. Biden will have to address the huge influx of illegals, or at least admit to some responsibility. While it won’t impact his approval, it will provide Republicans some satisfaction that Biden had to admit the crisis and offer solutions.