If Republican Elect Santos Should Resign Over Lies, Why is Serial Liar Joe Biden Still in Office?

OK, let me answer the headline query with two words: Democrat Hypocrisy. Now, let’s compare Joe Biden with Santos and the incredible details of both being pathological liars.

Following revelations that he lied about his college education and his job experience in his campaign for New York Republican Representative-elect George Santos’ election, it is not surprising Santos is now in a difficult position. Democrats lawmakers demanded at most one investigation. Others demanded Santos’ resignation.

There is only one problem: Joe Biden.

My father used to joke about how the serial liar-in-chief has told more lies than anyone over his 50-year-long political career. A better question is: Why was Biden elected, given his many cases of plagiarism throughout his life? Another example of Democratic hypocrisy.

Let’s take a moment to refresh. Here is a summary from NewsBusters of Joe’s lies.

  • Made multiple lies about his academic background. Among them was his claim to have graduated in the top half of his law school class. He graduated 76th out of 85.
  • Fabricated his family background, plagiarizing a story from Brit Neil Kinnock’s speech about his family bio.
  • Lied about his wife and daughter being killed by a drunk driver.
  • Lied about quitting the Delaware football team in order to visit his girlfriend. In fact, he quit because of poor grades.
  • Lied in saying, “I got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State.” He never attended Delaware State or any historically black college or university.
  • Lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement.
  • Lied about being arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

The Big Guy lies about Hunter’s business dealings and his involvement in them. I ask again why this door hasn’t been opened at him in the back. This is Democrat hypocrisy.

Nick Arama, Nick’s colleague, reported that Tucker Carlson Tonight’s Tulsi Gabbard, a recently independent, was taking over. In a harsh interview, she slammed Santos and asked Gabbard: “Have you no shame?” ”

Truth is, integrity, congressman-elect also means carrying yourself with honor and being honest — telling truth. These would be flagrant lies if I was to represent the Third District of New York.

What is your question? Is there a way to be free from shame?

Tulsi? Joe Biden.

Morning Joe is a crucial part of any article about Democrat hypocrisy.

Some random guest host named Jonathan Lemire gleefully led with the Santos story, never once mentioning Lyin’ Biden. I know — try to contain your shock and amazement.

We don’t want to wait another moment before diving into our first story. Congressman-elect George Santos admitted that he lied about several key details in his experience and biography. In an interview with the New York Post, Santos confessed to what he called “embellishing” his resumé but insists he will serve in the next Congress.

Santos confessed he had never worked directly for Goldman Sachs and Citi Group, chalking that fib up to a, quote, “poor choice of words.” He also admitted that he never graduated from any college, despite previously claiming to have received a degree from Baruch back in 2010. Quote, “I didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning. I’m embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my resumé. I own up to that. We do stupid things in life.”

Santos was also accused of lying about his family background. On his campaign website, he claimed his mother was Jewish and that his grandparents fled from Nazis during World War II. “I declared that I was Jewish after I discovered my maternal family was Jewish.

Again, Santos’s lies and embellishments were undeniably wrong, but the difference between George Santos and Joe Biden is that Santos was contrite — even if he was faking it. But can you imagine Joe Biden saying: “I’m embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my resumé. I own up to that. We do stupid things in life.”?

Not in a million years.