Hunter Biden Going To Jail!? Here Are The Receipts

A supervisory IRS agent has blown the whistle about obstruction in the Hunter Biden investigation and now seeks whistleblower protection.

Sara Gonzales, of “News & Why It Matters”, reports that the attorney of the whistleblower has sent a message to nine members of Congress.

She then reads the letter, which states that “he is a career IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent who has been supervising an ongoing and sensitive investigation into a high profile controversial subject since early 2019,” that “Hunter Biden is the high-profile topic,” and that the whistleblower “disclosures” would contradict sworn statements to Congress made by a senior politician appointee.

He would also disclose “clear conflicts of interest and examples of politics and preferential treatment improperly infecting the decisions and protocol that would normally have been followed by career law enforcers.”

Gonzales claims that the White House “of course” denies it.

Alex Stein joins in the discussion to discuss Hunter’s adventures.

The FBI was aware that Hunter Biden had abandoned a car with cocaine and crack. They knew Hunter Biden’s last interaction with the car.¬†They chose not charge him.

Hunter is unaffected by the fact that cocaine possession is a crime.

Stein continues, “We know that he is committing tax fraud by the money he gets from his Burisma deals in Ukraine, where he works for energy companies for which he has no prior experience.”

He continued, “So yeah the idea that this guy is laundering money — welcome in Obviousville.”

Gonzales and guests discuss the lack justice in our justice systems and how it seems to only favor people like Hunter Biden.

Gonzales: “If I had committed these crimes, they would have put me to the test.”

Stein: “I’m sorry to be the bearer bad news, and the tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists of the day,” but there’s an evil cabal that doesn’t care about America’s interests and that’s the reason people like Hunter Biden get by with it.