How Long Can America Survive a Rogue Department of Justice?

Joe Biden’s America is, to put it mildly. He and his commie cabal are the ends of everything good about America.

The Constitution-hating, renegade gang in charge of most federal government functions is aware they won’t last so they are trying to cause as much destruction in a hurry as possible.

The Department of Justice is a particular concern.

Garland is driven by hatred for Republicans as it should. Justice isn’t concerned about any justice that he feels is in violation of his rights to serve on The Supreme Court.

The DOJ has gone rogue due to its revenge obsession.

My colleagues and I have stated that Garland has overplayed his hand since directing Mar-a-Lago’s Biden Stasi raid. We believe this will not go as planned. My colleague also wrote that Garland was aware of his involvement in the raid on Mar-a-Lago by Biden Stasi.

Garland tries to conceal his true motives by insisting whistleblowers can still speak out. The Attorney General sends employees a memo reminding them not to contact Congress.

Mike Davis, the founder, and president, of Article III Project, noted with great accuracy that Garland did not order a “similar gag” regarding the illegal and improper Justice Department leaks. Davis believes this supports the idea that Garland was involved in the coverup of FBI misconduct by intimidating whistleblowers with a directive to remind them about policy.

The stink is everywhere in Garland’s Dept. of Justice. Almost every day there’s new evidence of rot at the top of the FBI. Actually, there’s a stink all over the Bureau.

The United States faces a dilemma right now: How do we deal with a chief police officer who doesn’t follow the law? While Garland and the FBI have reasons to pursue Trump, it’s hard to know how many people are doing this.

The Justice Dept must be drowned by the Republicans. If they want to take control of the House from the Democrats, they must drown the Justice Dept.

Our faith in institutions is at an all-time low. It can’t be fixed by those who really want to restore that faith.