HHS Secretary Becerra Doesn’t Declare Expected Monkeypox Emergency but the Contrived Panic Is Far From Over

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was the WHO Director-General and declared that “the global monkeypox outbreak is a public health emergency of international concern.” The COVID is over. Now it’s time for a new threat to be posed by the Department of Pandemic Terror.

Politico reported the Biden group would declare an emergency of national public health within the next few days.

Two sources familiar with the matter say that the Biden administration will likely declare the monkeypox epidemic an emergency of public safety within the next few days.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will issue the declaration. This is in line with a World Health Organization decision last weekend. HHS will then be able to declare the outbreak an immediate emergency and take other actions. This is in accordance with the law that governs when and how the federal government can declare an immediate emergency.

People familiar with the matter say that the declaration could be made within the week. A spokesperson for HHS said that they were “continuing to investigate options.”

Xavier Becerra was supposed to take the call at a monkeypox conference today but he declined.

The left doesn’t like Becerra’s logic but it was the right decision. (I believe that “public emergency” was invented by fascists to give them the power to control our lives. But that’s another story ). Monkeypox is not an actual disease.

I’m not a laissez-faire individual about emerging infectious diseases. There is an easy way for you to be protected from the scourge of monkeypox.

A study published by The New England Journal of Medicine last week found that 98% of infected people were gay or bisexual men. Additionally, 95 percent of cases were transmitted via sexual activity.

But experts say the transmission of the disease, which causes a blistering rash, appears to mainly happen during close, physical contact, and monkeypox has so far not been labeled a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Experts warn that the disease could affect more than one person. Experts warn that the disease spreads through skin-to-skin contact, droplets, and touching contaminated bedding and towels in a household.

Don’t engage in homosexual orgies. It is that simple. Yes, you can get it through “droplets or touching contaminated bedding or towels,” but mostly through homosexual sexual activity with a multiplicity of “partners.”

Pharma will soon need to develop a new vaccine. This will increase their bottom line.

The guidance on vaccine use says that it is not appropriate for everyone.

WHO poohbah Ghebreyesus stated that “For now this is an epidemic concentrated in men who sex with men; especially those with multiple sexual partners…For men who have sex, this means, at the moment, reducing their number of sexual partners, reconsidering their sexual partners, and exchanging contact information to facilitate follow-up if necessary. ”

Officials continue to tell us it’s not a sexually transmitted disease when it actually is. It is not an STD, but only fools would claim it.

If you make false claims, you are likely to get criticized. Clip from Fox Business’ “Kennedy”.

From left to right: Lisa “Kennedy”, Ned Ryun CEO at American Majority, Marie “Man Hands” Harf, a former grifter working for Obama’s State Department, and Brad Polumbo of Foundation for Economic Education. If he spells his name Palumbo, he gets his pants all twisted.

Ryun rightly points out that monkeypox could be linked to homosexual orgies. Everyone immediately labels Ryun a “bigot”.

Montgomery responded, “I don’t know man.” Montgomery responded, “You don’t have to have monkeypox in order to get it. You don’t need to be racist to discuss how to treat an easily spread disease. ”

Ryun said, “This is science, Kennedy!” Montgomery quickly silenced Ryun, claiming that the distribution of the smallpox vaccine monkeypox was a “lower priority” due to its impact on the gay community.

Polumbo, a gay man, tried to say that homosexual orgies weren’t the problem and that “not getting orgies in general” was a way of avoiding monkeypox.

He suggested that people need to be cautious when discussing the topic. This is something we need to be cautious about. ”

Marie Harf (Fox News contributor, third panelist) stated that Ryun used “bigoted terminology” which suggests only one group of Americans understand it.

Ryun accurately points out that monkeypox is associated with homosexual orgies and is immediately labeled a “bigot” by everyone.

“I don’t know man,” Montgomery responded. “You don’t have to be gay to get monkeypox, and you don’t have to be bigoted when you talk about treating something that is that easily spread.”

“It’s not bigoted! This is science Kennedy,” Ryun exclaimed, who was then swiftly shut down by the host. Montgomery suggested that the monkeypox vaccine, a smallpox vaccine, is “lower on the priority list” for distribution because it is impacting the gay community.

Polumbo, a gay man, tried to argue that gay orgies weren’t the problem, and that “not going to orgies in general” was a good way to not get monkeypox.

He argued that people had to be “really careful” when discussing the topic. “We saw with the AIDS crisis, with the HIV crisis, about how certain communities or certain gay people will be stigmatized over something that lots of people do, and we gotta be careful about that,” he argued.

Marie Harf, a Fox News contributor, and the third panelist, said that Ryun was using “bigoted language” that suggests “the only people that get this are from one group of Americans.

Let’s not be shy and say the obvious. You have almost zero chance of getting monkeypox from a sexual relationship with more than one person. It is best to end any orgies.

Above all, let’s not let ourselves be bullied into believing that monkeypox represents a threat to everyone and panic. It doesn’t.