Heritage Foundation Sues Manhattan DA for Trump Investigation Records

Let’s make sure that we all agree on which investigation is being discussed, given the many investigations into former president Donald Trump.

This article is about the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filing 34 counts of falsifying records of business related to alleged payments of hush funds made to pornstar Stormy Daniels in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump has pleaded innocent in both cases.

The conservative Heritage Foundation filed two lawsuits on Monday against Bragg in an effort to force his office into turning over records related to its investigation of Trump.

The lawsuits follow Bragg’s refusal to comply with Freedom of Information Law requests relating his communications with the Department of Justice and White House as well as related Democrat legislators regarding the TDS-hating District Attorney’s obsession to get Trump.

It’s almost as if Bragg is hiding something.

The Washington, D.C.-based conservative think tank said that its first lawsuit relates to Bragg’s alleged communications with the DOJ, which led to multiple investigations by House GOP committees.

Unfortunately, there are no answers to these questions. Many people have expressed concern about these reports, largely because of the history of Trump’s political enemies coordinating activities to weaponize the criminal court system against him.

The second Heritage suit alleges that Bragg received pro-bono legal assistance from a number of major law firms. It asks the court for documents relating to these firms, and to prevent Bragg’s lawyers from “seeking fees and costs” in the case at hand.

Mike Howell, Director of the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project, said:

Bragg crossed the Rubicon when he indicted President Trump over a dispute about document retention. Now he’s in a dispute with us over document retention. We are looking forward to his being forced to obey the law. We will do everything we can to stop the weaponization.

Bragg, who is afflicted with TDS, has created a firestorm to further his goal of taking down the former President. We have already proven that this is false in our previous articles. The far-left DA decided Trump was guilty and then searched for a crime as proof.

The “Get Trump at Any Price” train continues to speed down the political tracks.

We reported Tuesday morning that Aileen Cannon, a federal Florida judge appointed by Trump, has set the date of the trial for classified documents to start on August 14, 2023. She also ordered all pre-trial proceedings to be completed before July 24, 2018.

Legal experts do not expect the trial to begin on the 14th of August, given the amount of time required to resolve all legal matters before a jury can hear testimony and receive evidence. The early trial date was still a surprise to many, as they predicted that the case would not be tried until 2024 or after the presidential election.

What about Trump?

In an exclusive interview given to Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Trump said that the FBI “might” have planted classified documents in his home before “finding” them.

Trump: I wouldn’t have kept but they raided my house.

Baier: Do you know if you still have any highly sensitive government documents?

Trump: No, I don’t have anything, no. What I’m concerned about they took everything. I don’t know what they took. They could be stuffing it.

The former president did not provide any evidence to support his “suggestions.”

Jonathan Turley, a legal scholar, expressed his concerns about the Baier-Trump conversation in a series of tweets. Turley was concerned that “statements like this are generally admissible in court,” including the former president’s response “not that i know of” to Baier’s question regarding classified “Iranian War Plans” documents. Turley stated: “So, he’s denying what he said on the audiotape.”


Donald Trump’s baffling campaign for the 2024 presidency continues.

Nearly half of Americans think the former president should have been indicted. However, 80 percent believe that Trump should still be allowed to become president if the GOP nominates him and he goes on to win.

Alvin Bragg, too? This dude is deserving of a “huge” punishment.

This one I will probably just leave here.