Harlan Crow Calls Out Hidden Agenda Driving Stories Targeting Clarence Thomas

Harlan Crow, a billionaire who has been criticised for his relationship with Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, speaks out.

Thomas faces calls to resign, or even be impeached for his decades-long affair with Crow. ProPublica raised the issue of Thomas’ relationship to Crow earlier this month. They suggested that Thomas was not being honest about his vacations with Crow.

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ProPublica revealed later that Crow bought the house where Thomas’ mother resides, describing it as “the first instance known of money flowing directly from the Republican megadonor” to a Supreme Court Justice.

Thomas denies any wrongdoing. It is unclear whether Thomas actually broke any ethical or legal rules.

What is Crow saying?
Crow, in an extensive interview with The Dallas Morning News, claimed that there was a hidden agenda behind the stories about Thomas. It is one which seeks to destabilize the Supreme Court through tarnishing Thomas.

Crow stated, “I must correct the record.” “I believe it’s an attempt at a political hit. They’re probably right. I don’t believe the media really cares about Harlan Crow. They shouldn’t be too concerned about Harlan Crow.

“But I believe that the media and in particular this ProPublica Group, which is funded by leftists has an agenda, to destabilize [the Supreme] Court. They’ve lied. It is lacking in integrity. “They’ve done an excellent job of unfairly criticizing me, and more importantly, unfairly criticizing Justice Thomas,” said he.

Thomas has been a target for Democrats because he’s the most conservative judge on the court and the greatest obstacle to the progressive agenda.

What did ProPublica do?
Stephen Engelberg, the chief editor of ProPublica defended his organization against Crow’s criticism.

Our job as investigative journalists is to uncover the truth. We invite Harlan Crow to correct any errors in our reporting on Justice Clarence Thomas.

Note that Justice Thomas and he were both given written questions with specific details in advance of the publication of our stories. Thomas refused to reply. Crow’s responses were reproduced in full. He did not question any of the information we provided.

ProPublica is a left-leaning organization, founded by leftists and still heavily funded by donors who lean left. Engelberg’s tens-of-thousands of donors, however, are reported to account for less than 20% of ProPublica revenue.

The Wall Street Journal published a detailed analysis that shows how ProPublica exaggerates its claims against Thomas.