Happy Days Actor Fonzie Jumps the Shark With Attack on Herschel Walker

It’s election day in Georgia in the runoff between Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-GA, and Herschel Walker.

If you are in Georgia or know people there, and you have not voted yet, please go out and vote. It is crucial that Walker wins so Democrats don’t control committees.

The Democrats aren’t interested in running on policy because they know that if they do, they will lose. Joe Biden’s policies and those of the Democrats have only brought hardship to Georgians and all Americans. Warnock has been all in voting for Biden and the Democrats to support these harmful policies. He and Biden have done everything they could to deceive the public about this, Biden told a contingent of phone banks that they shouldn’t tell Georgians how Warnock voted with him, and Warnock refused to answer questions about that record.

Instead of running on policy, Democrats have focused on personal attacks like this one from Henry Winkler (the actor who played Fonzie in “Happy Days”)

Winkler stated that Georgia is not about Party. “It’s about being capable of forming a complete sentence, Vote Warnock.”

Let’s begin with: If you want to be able to complete a sentence, it’s important to correct your grammar. It’s “it is”, not “its”, without additional spaces between the colons and the period.

Many people found Winkler’s attack to be extremely hypocritical considering how Democrats pushed John Fetterman as a Senate candidate — someone who really struggles to form coherent sentences. They have also ignored Joe Biden’s incoherence, confusion, and misinformation. We were told our concerns about Fetterman were incorrect and that he was an “ableist.” However, we were also told to ignore the fact that he required a machine to help understand questions during debates. Even with the machine, it was obvious that he couldn’t comprehend what was being said and could not respond in an understandable manner. They dare not say anything about Walker. This just proves that Winkler is all about Parties. Because Fetterman and Biden have a “D”, Winkler doesn’t care about them.

Walker can form complete sentences, so it’s not a lie. Winkler’s attack is a little racist and anti-Southern. He’s not even from Georgia. Who will listen to a liberal Hollywood actor living in Los Angeles, California? Fonzie’s comments are unlikely to be heard in Georgia. Given the nature of the attack and the fact that he has it so late, can we really say that Fonzie is jumping the shark?