GOP Senator Rapid Fires Odd Question At Carbon Tax Advocate

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La. ) Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) A series of odd-ball questions were used Wednesday to highlight the absurdity of one carbon tax advocate.

Kennedy began questioning Dr. Douglas Holtz Eakin, and Dr. Robert Litterman regarding the cost of carbon neutrality at a Senate Budget Committee hearing.

Litterman, a strong supporter of a carbon tax, stated that he does not know the cost. Holtz-Eakin however estimated that it would cost $50 Trillion. Kennedy then asked how carbon neutrality would impact the climate. Kennedy said that no one knew the answer but that they agreed that India and China would be key players.

Kennedy then emphasized Litterman’s apparently uninformed advocacy.

“Do you believe… based on your observation of [Chinese President Xi] Jinping that Mr. Xi Jinping will ever do anything contrary to China’s best interests in the name global temperature change?” Litterman was also asked.

Litterman said that China has a carbon tax. Litterman questioned the Republican senator if he thought that Xi Jinping would ignore China’s domestic needs and favor global ones.

Litterman responded, “I think President Xi realizes that we must collaborate to address this global problem, yes, I do.” ”

Kennedy asks Litterman, Holtz-Eakin questions about climate in Budget

Kennedy asked Litterman 3 questions to expose the absurdity of Litterman’s suggestion, that Xi would ever put China’s interests before the international community.

“Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?” Kennedy was intrigued.

Litterman replied, “No sir,”

“Do you believe the Easter Bunny exists?” Kennedy continued the conversation.

Litterman replied, “No sir,”

“Do you believe Jimmy Hoffa was natural death?” Kennedy asked the question again.

Litterman responded, “No sir. ”

President Joe Biden directed the U.S. government to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Kennedy also highlighted two key questions about carbon neutrality. These are how the funding will be made and whether it can function without China and India.