Good and Bad News on the Twitter Freedom Front: EU Threat and Possible Apple Detente

Many liberal groups have joined forces to pursue Elon Musk’s Twitter campaign because he is a supporter of free speech. These include Democrats trying to block the FTC from Twitter and liberal organizations pressuring Twitter advertisers not to withdraw.

On Wednesday, there were mixed messages regarding Twitter’s freedom

The EU threatens Musk with Twitter banishment if he doesn’t comply with their demands.

The EU is a censorship pit with laws and rules worse than those we have here. He demanded Musk adhere to the EU’s strict content moderation, pursue “disinformation aggressively”, and accept an independent audit next.

They won’t, and their people might revolt if they don’t. They hope that they can force Musk to follow through, and their people may revolt if they do.

These people are not opposed to TikTok’s membership in the EU despite China’s oppressive actions against its citizens.

Musk said that he would follow the laws of other countries. Musk stated that he would comply with the laws of different countries. However, this leaves him plenty of freedom to not follow suppressing speech.

Despite EU pressure on Musk, it seems that Musk may have made inroads with Apple. Apple previously threatened to remove Twitter’s App Store listing and launch an information war against Musk.

Musk had written about Apple’s threat and said that they had stopped using advertising them. Apple also threatened China to silence protestors, which could have an effect on the CCP.

Musk said that he would take his phone with him if it got too difficult.

Tim Cook invited Musk to Apple’s headquarters on Wednesday. Musk posted a picture from the campus.

This is a positive sign Musk may be able to counter this threat.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens. It would make sense for Apple to withdraw and come to an agreement.