Golden State Warriors Win the Woke Jersey Competition

We’ve noticed a disconnect between words, and actions, in the sports world. It is as simple as that: while athletes, league officials, and team officials might say something about human rights, their actions demonstrate that they don’t care.

The Golden State Warriors 2022-2023 jersey is now available. The Golden State Warriors 2022-2023 city edition jersey is presented to you. My wife would tell me that I was going to watch the Warriors lose. I would then leave my house and walk towards the Oakland Coliseum Arena every few weeks. Second, I don’t like jumping on the bandwagon. I remember walking out of my home towards the Oakland Coliseum Arena every few weeks, saying to my wife, “Bye honey, I’m going watch the Warriors lose.” It used to be that football uniforms were always white.

In the NBA, presently, every team has four or five jerseys: Association Edition, City Edition, Classic Edition, Icon Edition, and Statement Edition. This ensures either a three out of four or a four out of five, chance little Johnny or Susie will have a Christmas Day meltdown. Reason? Mom and Dad’s strange preoccupation this holiday season with figuring out how to pay the family’s food, heating, and gasoline bills without auctioning off little Johnny or Susie to a traveling band of gypsies. Thus, they bought the wrong jersey for their little monster. Hopefully, they at least got the right player. Also, for the game-attending fashion-conscious, the NBA conveniently provides a website saying which jersey each team will wear for any given game, thus saving people the major social faux pas of wearing a Statement Edition when everyone knows it’s Icon night.

Although the Association (formerly the team’s home color) and Icon (formerly their road team’s colors) jerseys remain the same year after year, they are more frequently changed than the City, Classic, or Statement Edition ones. This is due to the Kardashian’s marital status.

Yesterday, the Warriors unveiled the City Edition jersey. It was…wow.

Talking about winning the Woke Olympic.

The website of the team is even more unintentionally sultry.

Allison Hueman, a Bay Area native, designed the Warriors 2022-23 City Edition uniform. This jersey blends court, community, and culture.

While fertilizer can be helpful in growing things, I wouldn’t give a jersey for a professional team.

The Centerpiece is a yellow-illustrated red rose that symbolizes women who dare to break the rules and are brave.

It’s the NBA. The NBA is not the WNBA. I’m digressing.

The Rays of Sunshine are a symbol of the power of lifting women. They surround the center.

Let me say it again: Warriors. Men’s. Basketball. Team.

The Side Gradient reflects The Bay’s diversity.

A yellow stripe with a gray stripe is placed on a black jersey.

The Rose symbolizes the champion women in our community.

It would have been a good idea if the artist chose the California poppy as the state flower. There is no way to keep using feminine symbolism in a Men’s Basketball Jersey.