Gavin Newsom Announces Campaign To Promote His Liberal Agenda In Red States Across The US

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he would be running a national campaign against Republicans in red states. This has sparked rumors that he may be preparing to run for President.

Thursday’s announcement by Newsom was that the new political-action committee would be focusing on the promotion of his liberal agenda in state and local races across the country.

The PAC is also known as the “Campaign for Democracy” (or PAC) and is reportedly funded by $10 million leftover from Newsom’s campaign to combat a failed recall attempt in 2021.

In a video campaign for the PAC, the 55-year old Democrat stated that “The problem in the country right now is authoritarian leaders who want to gain power and keep it by any means necessary that they’re directly attacking freedoms in state after State.”

The advertisement specifically mentioned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Governor. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are the Republican targets.

Newsom will also be on the road for a “listening tour,” which includes states such as Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. According to reports, he will also visit Indiana, South Carolina and Ohio as well as South Dakota, South Dakota, South Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and South Dakota.

Newsom denied rumors that he was planning to run for president. However, he made several moves that appear to be aimed at raising his national profile. Many pundits speculate that Newsom is planning to run for President, but a poll revealed that the vast majority of Californians don’t want him running. Only 22% of them said they support a presidential run.

Recent headlines were made by the Democrat when he acknowledged that illegal immigrants were draining the state’s resources, after he expanded the social safety net beyond citizens.

Newsom stated that the more we do, “the greater burden is placed on us.” “The budgetary pressures placed on the state now and the offset issues that I must address mean that we can’t fund all these sites,” Newsom said.