Friends Creator Surrenders One Percent of Her Reported Wealth to Atone for the Show’s Whiteness

Marta Kauffman is trying to make amends. Some claim she was able to get a lot of money at the turn of this century. Critics say she did it wrongly.

Marta was the creator of the popular show Friends in the early ’90s. It aired on NBC between 1994 and 2004.

This show only showed the white portion of the Big Apple.

Los Angeles Times:

Friends only had a few glimpses at performers in the background of Central Perk’s coffee shop. Though Lauren Tom, Gabrielle Union, and Craig Robinson were all people who were of color, their interactions were very brief with the main characters.

Aisha Tyler (a black actress) was the most visible victim of the criticism. After only nine episodes, she was removed as the character of a paleontology professor.

Marta was once averse to criticism of a Caucasian takeover.

Kauffman felt Friends had been unfairly singled out, claiming that too much attention was given to Black people who were almost absent.

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But now, Kauffman says, she gets it.

According to The Times Marta had a “dramatic shift of heart”.

The lady now realizes she is a racist.

Kauffman stated that the series’ inability to be inclusive was due to her internalization of systemic racism, which is a major problem in our society.

She waxed to the outlet via Zoom:

“I’ve learned so much over the past 20 years. I find it embarrassing that 25 years ago I didn’t know better.

The Controllers used corrupt chemical chemistry ideas to produce the program.

Sometimes, producers would counter criticism by pointing out the strong rapport between the main cast members. There are women of all races.

2020 appeared to be an extraordinary portal for enlightenment. Marta was certain that she had metamorphosed.

She explains:

“I was shocked by George Floyd’s death”. That was when I realized how deeply I had fallen for systemic racism.

Rapping about her reckoning’s been a raze:

She teared up during a panel at the 2020 ATX TV Festival as she discussed confronting her personal shortcomings.

“What makes this truly emotional for me is that I want this connection I didn’t have,” she said. “I deeply, deeply want this connection with the Black community that I didn’t have. Because of Friends, I never attained that.”

Marta has found a solution to her error: Marta will contribute a portion to a college. It cannot be used to elevate white people.

Her realization led her to donate $4 million to Brandeis University, Boston to establish an endowed professorship in the school’s African American Studies program.

Marta F. Kauffman’78 Professorship in African American Studies is being awarded to a distinguished scholar.

Marta has been overwhelmed with love and support since revealing that she would be donating the dough.

It’s incredible.

Someone who believes they have done wrong must atone. Will she be able to offer an apology to the woke, if that is what her true heart desires? Will friends be called “whiteness pegging red”?

However, her regret is partly rooted in the time traveler’s paradox. A hit sitcom is a one-in-a-million win. It is almost certain that the show will not be successful if she returns to recast it.

Marta would be more useful if she knew about systemic racism. It is unclear why those who claim to have it are not able to identify the methods that can be used to eliminate them.

Remember her penance. Marta can always give again if it fails. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Marta is worth $400 Million.