Fox News is Not Afraid to Use Oppo File Against Tucker Carlson

Looks like there could be a real mess between Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

Fox News has reportedly created a “secret oppo file” about Carlson in case he decides he wants to sue them. Eight Fox News employees confirmed to Rolling Stone that the file existed. It could be used against Carlson if he does not play nice once he leaves the network.

The pop culture magazine claims that “the file contains internal complaints about workplace conduct, disparaging remarks about management and co-workers, and allegations the now-former Prime-Time host created a toxic working environment.” The magazine notes that Carlson is facing a lawsuit by Abby Grossberg who claims a toxic, misogynistic workplace. The lawsuit details misogynist behaviors at the network including lewd sexual comments about female guests and public figures ….”

Grossberg claims in her lawsuit that she suffered from a toxic workplace that perpetuated sexist stereotyping, discriminated against minorities of religion and their customs, and showed little regard for those with mental health problems. Fox denied the allegations and said that they were without merit.

Grossberg’s suit is questionable as we have already stated, since it has been confirmed she never met Carlson personally. It’s difficult to reconcile Rolling Stone’s credibility problems with the fact that Fox News denied Grossberg’s allegations.

The network, for what it’s really worth, denies that there is an “oppo file”. A spokesperson for Fox News told Rolling Stone that the claim was “patently absurd” and “categorically false”. “We thank Tucker, for his service as a network host and, before that, as a contributor.”

Rolling Stone sources are in disagreement, saying that Irena Branti, senior executive director for corporate communications, has compiled an “oppo file”, and will use it.

One source at the network says that “Irena won’t be afraid to use these things.”

Former Fox News employees claimed that “Irena keeps a file on everyone”. “Any talent such as Tucker would have many things, other people complaining. They keep the information on file and encourage it. It’s a dirty old trick.”

Rolling Stone reported on Fox News PR tactics, and how they were used against the network’s top stars. The Daily Beast revealed in 2018, that Fox’s communication team planted negative stories against some of its top hosts. This included Bill O’Reilly who was kicked off the network in 2017 and Stuart Varney who is still employed by Fox. According to the article, it is an open secret that Fox News employees and former Fox News employees are keeping their personnel on track with these tactics.