Food Riots Hit Iran Could We Be Next?

Iran has been the scene of protests and food riots. People have taken to the streets to shout “Death To Dictator” or “Death To Raisi.” Ebrahim Raisi, the hardline Islamist leader in Iran, recently reduced wheat import subsidies. This led to huge increases in staples like bread, pasta, and other foods.

Radio Free Europe claims that the cash-strapped regime will “maintain traditional Iranian bread’s current price.” Raisi promises bread subsidies to the poor.

One problem: Iran is home to a lot of the poorest people in the world, and they don’t have a lot of cash, despite President Joe Biden’s first month of office easing sanctions against the terrorist regime.

Iranians are heard shouting “Akhoonds” (Shi’ite clergy) must get lost.

Tehran already took action against food-related protests in the country’s southwest Khuzestan, an Arab-dominated province. One report claims that witnesses in Izeh claim that riot police were brought in to stop peaceful protests.

The question is: Will Americans shout “Death To Biden” for their hungry infants?

There has been much talk but very little action regarding the country’s growing shortage of baby formula.

During what sounded like a dress rehearsal for a new show called “More Callous Than Psaki,” incoming White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre laughed when asked who the Biden Administration’s point person was on the formula crisis.

“At the White House, I don’t know. [laughing] I can find out for you and get you a person who is running point.”

Whatever the White House is doing — if anything — they don’t seem to be communicating with Capitol Hill.

HuffPo reported this week that several senators said they were unaware of the shortage when asked. In the same article, Jen Psaki, the PressSec’s outgoing PressSec, stated that she did not “describe any steps that the Biden administration is taking” despite declaring that the crisis is a priority.

According to a report, the Biden administration shipped pallets of formula to Mexico’s border in order to give it away free of charge to illegal aliens.

President Joe Biden has virtually destroyed our southern border and incentivized a record number of illegals. He is now literally stealing food from American babies to ease the border crisis.

This kind of vindictiveness and callousness is not what people who are elected to government should be subject to — or would expect.

Americans are blessed in many ways, but most notably in the amount of food we produce. Protesting on the streets is almost always about politics and not about everyday necessities.

Iranians are forced to take to the streets despite assurances of violence from the regime, as they don’t have any other options.

How long will the middle of the country believe our best outlets to be peaceful if the Biden Administration favors illegals instead of our infants?

This is a dangerous road we are on and Joe Biden and American Left set it.