Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Offers Direction in Recent Remarks on Dylan Mulvaney Issue

The 2024 Republican nominee must have the courage to speak out unapologetically about the importance of keeping women’s sports for women. They will also need to be willing to very loudly point to the larger issue of how allowing wokeness to prevail on the so-called “transgender rights” front without a fight will effectively erase women’s rights as we know them, and along with them the bright futures of little girls everywhere.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may not have officially announced he is running for president, but all signs indicate he will soon do so. Whether he runs or not, his recent comments on the Dylan Mulvaney scandal and the absurdity of allowing a transgender woman Lia Thomas compete against female swimming provide a blueprint that Republicans can use in the coming weeks and months as these issues continue playing out in state legislators, the U.S. Congress and courts, along with election battles throughout the country.

DeSantis’s interview with Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA is below. I have bolded the key points:

Johnson: You asked about the larger issue of transgenderism. Dylan Mulvaney is the one who started it all. What do you make of men playing the part of women in sports and advertising? It seems to be an existential threat for women as they are fathers of daughters.

DeSantis: [It’s a] total fraud. I mean you have a swimmer that competes on the men’s team for three years at Penn, and then switches to the women’s team and then wins the 500-yard freestyle – national championship for women? When you’re a mediocre male swimmer and now you win the women’s? And so, you had a second-place finisher – she was actually from Sarasota, she should have been the national champion. I did a proclamation from our office saying she was the best woman swimmer in 500 yards because she was.

It’s important to note that this does affect athletics, among other things. There’s another issue, which is whether we want to live in a society that is based on the truth or one based on lies. If you dress up a man as a female and tell me that I must accept this, you are asking me to participate in a lie. I refuse to do so.

Let’s be honest and tell the truth about what is going on.


DeSantis also made similar points in a New Hampshire speech, where he went into greater detail about the dangers and his refusal to accept woke politics:

“Woke is a form of cultural Marxism. It seeks to divide us based on identity politics. It represents an attack on merit and achievement. It constitutes a war on reason and truth. Don’t tell me that babies are born racist. Don’t tell me that men can’t get pregnant. That is not true and I will not accept it.“


The woke left will continue to try and gaslight you about certain unambiguous truths. Radicals who burn down entire city blocks for “social justice” do not qualify as “peaceful demonstrators.” Teenage mobs that are destroying stores, destroying cars, and attacking people in major American cities are not simply “youth starved of opportunity in their own communities who are acting out of desperation.”

DeSantis also noted that children aren’t born racists. A man who competes and wins in women’s sporting events while claiming to be a woman is still a male and has the same strength and stamina as a female.

There are some things that need to be said in no uncertain terms. More leaders in this nation need to be willing and able to do so without fear of being canceled by the Usual Suspects. We’ll soon reach a point when there’s no way back if we don’t do more to reverse the tide. It’s not at all.