Fired Superintendent Faces Criminal Charges Over Sexual Assaults Involving Skirt-Wearing Biological Boy

WUSA reported that Scott Ziegler, the former Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent, was indicted Monday by a special grand jury one year after two girls were sexually assaulted and raped by the same biological boy.

The school board fired Ziegler last week after receiving the report from the grand jury regarding Ziegler’s handling of two cases of sexual assault.

Jason Miyares, commonwealth Attorney General, stated that Ziegler was charged with one count each of misdemeanor forbidden conduct and misdemeanor false publishing. He also faces one count of misdemeanor penalizing employees for a court appearance.

Ziegler was charged with retaliation against Erin Brooks (a former special education teacher at LCPS), for appearing in court and “expressing views about matters of public concern.”

Brooks sued the school district in June for not renewing her contract. She claimed it was retaliation to her complaints about multiple sexual assaults by a student.

Wayde Byard, a spokesperson for LCPS, was also announced Monday with a felony perjury charge. She was accused of lying under oath on August 2. Following the allegations, Byard was placed on administrative leave by the district.

What’s The Background?

Stone Bridge High School was the first to be a victim of sexual assault on May 28, 2021. A girl, 15 years old, was raped by a skirt-wearing biological boy who was later convicted.

The attacker was taken from the school and moved quietly to Broad Run High School in the LCPS District.

The biological boy was charged with sexually assaulting a female student on October 6, 2021. Later, the assailant was convicted of second-degree sexual assault.

Scott Smith, the father of the victim, accused the district of trying to cover up the terrible attacks to protect its transgender policy, which allows students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Smith was taken into custody at a school board meeting on June 22nd, 2021. Ziegler stated that he did not have any records of “assaults in our toilets” and that “the prey transgender student or person simply doesn’t exist.”

Last week’s grand jury report revealed that Ziegler knew about the assault allegations and called Ziegler’s statement at the school board meeting “bald-faced lies.”

The Grand jury accused the district of showing “stunning transparency, transparency, and accountability” to the public.