Fetterman Officially Chickens Out

John Fetterman, a Democrat running for Pennsylvania Senate, is not well. His massive stroke, which he suffered from neglecting his doctor for more than a decade, has left him completely unfit to run for the office he desires.

Mehmet Oz (the Republican in this race) has made Fettermans’ health a major concern in recent times, particularly in relation to the upcoming debate in Pittsburgh. The Democrat who is unable to form coherent sentences at present and has been running a meme camp would be able to show up.

The answer is: Fetterman has officially resigned.

It is funny that Fetterman claimed Oz made fun of him. Now, his opponent is angry. It is pathetic.

Fetterman can dish it out but cannot take it. This is not surprising. He wants Oz to feel able to attack him with unfair accusations, but he doesn’t want anyone asking him questions about his health. This is a legitimate issue. It’s not right for a person to run for the US Senate if they can’t even debate. A stroke that left Fetterman with severe brain damage has made it uncertain whether he will ever recover fully.

Fetterman is just stalling. His handlers know that he can’t stand on stage for more than two hours to debate the issues. I doubt it.

Fetterman knows he has the media making excuses for him and asserting that his health is off-limits. He may feel that he’s got nothing to lose by using the basement strategy all the way until November. I think that’s a miscalculation, though. Oz has been making headway in the polls and with over two months left until election day, there’s a lot of time for Fetterman to be further exposed. As it becomes clearer that he is ducking the debates because he can’t physically do them, that will resonate with some segment of voters. Whether it’s enough to get Oz over the finish line, I don’t know, but there’s hay to be made there.