Fed-Up Philadelphia Mom to Sue School District as Mask Mandate Remains in Place

Philadelphia mother vows to sue a school district for isolating her 5-year-old son. The school district has a policy that requires students to wear masks for the first ten days of school regardless of COVID vaccination status.

My son has asthma. Suzanne Shaheen explained that her son has asthma and can’t breathe when he has a flare-up. He gets very hot,” Todd Piro, Fox & Friends First host, said Wednesday.

“With a mask, no teacher would be capable of seeing that he is having flare-ups, and the school district basically isolates every kid who refuses to wear a masque.”

Shaheen rescinded the policy that made children wear masks to school if they refused to sit in the principal’s office. It made Shaheen feel like he had “done some bad things” and eventually he wanted to wear a mask as the policy made him feel “shamed.”

Shaheen stated that she raised her concerns with school officials, and was told to leave her son at home.

She said, “[They] said that we don’t have any preparation or anything available for children who can’t wear the mask, but we could put them in the principals’ office. So he was forced to sit in the principals’ office for three days.”

Shaheen stated that the school district blames the Department of Public Health for this policy. However, the department denies making the mask recommendation when Shaheen contacted them.

Shaheen claimed that officials tried to blame Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital for the policies.

“Nobody is happy about the mask mandate”. She said that there are many moms who have joined together to sue for medical and mental health reasons.