Fauci Gets Booed at Mariners Game and Throws out Pathetic First Pitch

Dr. Anthony Fauci visited Seattle Tuesday, to receive the Hutch Award and to throw the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game.

The Hutch Award is Fauci’s second award. Fauci is close friends with Dr. Larry Corey, former president of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Fauci being Fauci he dropped fun news during his time at the Center, telling them “We are expecting another [COVID] surge in the fall.” He also was putting down people who had questioned his advice, according to Outkick. “It’s still amazing to me that people can still hold onto such untruths. They have so much going on in their lives, that they just accept it as fact,” Fauci said. He was flanked by Secret Service agents who were protecting him. Joe Biden must have authorized that for him.

Fauci was also requested by the Seattle Mariners to throw the first pitch during his time in Seattle.

He was met with boos in liberal Seattle.

The fans didn’t stop. One fan shouted, “You’re going to miss this like you missed the pandemic!”

The pitch seemed very pathetic.

It was better than the pitch he pitched at the Washington Nationals game in July 2020. It was a Barack Obama-level pitch.

Fauci won’t learn from the criticisms that he received regarding his handling of the pandemic. It is clear that the policies he promoted have caused this country to suffer.