Every Black Resident of California Should Get $350,000, Says Black Businessman

A task force from California is currently examining the question of how much the black race owes the white race for enslaving only a fraction of them. This group will attach a dollar sign on the reparations being considered. It is the first serious attempt at quantifying what reparations advocates consider “justice.”

The task force conducted economic research earlier this year and found that every black Californian is owed $225,000 for discrimination in housing. According to the Washington Examiner, Max Fennell (a 35-year-old businessman) has now told the task force that all black Californians need an additional $350,000 in order to “shrink racial wealth gaps” and “right historic wrongs.”

He believes black businesses should be eligible for a $250,000 grant, as well as 15-20 acres of land.

According to the Daily Mail, he stated that it was a debt that is owed and that he worked for no compensation. “The tangibles are $350,000 per black American living in California. That’s $250,000 for small businesses and 15-20 acres.

The value of “15-20 acres”, as I daresay, varies greatly depending on the location. Who gets Death Valley and which beachfront property?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the 2020 bill to establish the task force. It has been studying the issue for over a year and started public discussions about how to quantify the financial debt owed by black Americans to historical injustices like slavery, mass incarceration, and housing discrimination. The state legislature has until July 1st to receive the panel’s report.

According to the Associated Press, 60 people attended the Wednesday meeting. The meeting was held in Oakland City Hall. This is the same city that was home to the Black Panthers, an influential black power political organization that was active in the 1960s through 1980s.

These two elements make this plan, and all others that will follow it, unworkable. It is unjust and wrong to think that an entire race can be condemned for any reason. It doesn’t matter what convoluted pretzel logic or justification you use, collective racial guilt in any form is an abomination to justice.

However, this is not going to stop race hustlers from looking to take billions off the American people. All the generations of Americans who supported or encouraged slavery are long gone. Discrimination is still a problem in America today. However, the U.S. courts can judge the effectiveness of individual discrimination cases in employment, housing, and school admissions in all areas of American life.

Any plan to transfer wealth on the basis of race is not only immoral but also unworkable. Which person gets what amount? What “black” must one be to receive government goodies? Recipients of reparations should be able to prove slave ancestry.

This last one will prove difficult due to the scarcity of official records. If we are giving reparations to victims of discrimination, shouldn’t an individual have the ability to prove that he or she was directly hurt by a discriminatory act? Is it possible to abolish the law under the guise of “racial justice?”

I support any attempt by anyone to get compensation for slavery and discrimination, as long as they can show in court that they were directly hurt by discriminatory acts.

It is impossible to have justice and only the law. Or justice and law will be destroyed and anarchy will reign.