Elon Weighs in on Poll About Stepping Down, as More Polls Show Strong Support From Americans

We reported that Elon Musk published a poll asking for opinions on Sunday about whether they want him to step down from his position as Twitter’s chief executive. He stated that he would not change the results of the poll. In the poll, the “yes” vote prevailed.

Musk hasn’t yet stated when or if he will step down, but many believed that the poll could be an indicator that he had found a CEO. Musk never stated that he would be managing the day-to-day operations. He said that he would appoint a CEO once he assumed control. He laughed at the Tuesday story that he was looking for a new CEO since before the Twitter poll.

It is not known if he has found someone. We reported that he said there was no successor who would want to keep “Twitter” alive, which is a worrying thought. Some speculated that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, might be his thoughts. Musk was seen in the exact same box at the World Cup final in Qatar. Everyone on the left would be in a state of utter astonishment if Kushner was chosen.

The HarrisX Overnight Poll may give him other options. “The poll asking him if he should continue was “pushed live at 07:18 EST on December 18th, an hour after Elon Musk tweeted asking whether he should remain on Twitter or step down as CEO. It was removed from the field at 03:00 EST on December 19.

According to the poll, 53% of Americans said that he should remain as CEO. According to 1028 respondents, 53 percent of Americans voted for him to continue as CEO of Twitter.

This number jumped even higher when Twitter users were surveyed. 61% said he should remain on, while 39% said he should resign.

This is a scientific poll and not a Twitter poll. Elon Musk replied, suggesting that he believed the Twitter poll he ran may have been affected or bots.

He didn’t indicate whether this had influenced his opinions.

Another Harvard-Harris poll supports Musk more than the public’s perception of the importance of the Twitter files.

Liberal media and others on the left push the fiction that the Twitter revelation is a “nothing hamburger.”

However, the poll that was taken between Dec. 14-15 showed that Americans were not following along and that it wasn’t a “nothing hamburger” to them. This was a shocking indictment of Twitter old.

64 percent believed that Twitter had engaged in political censorship prior to the last presidential election. 64 percent believed that Twitter secretly shadow-banned users to ensure their tweets weren’t seen by others. 61% believed that Twitter had been secretly shadow-banning users to prevent them from posting about the Hunter Biden laptop. A majority of 48 percent believed that Twitter executives were trying to support Joe Biden during the last election.

69% believed that Twitter executives worked with government officials in order to censor tweets that question COVID. It was viewed as a violation by 68 percent of the First Amendment. 74% believed that Twitter executives should face criminal prosecution if they collaborated with government officials to censor Americans.

61% believed Elon Musk was trying to clean up Twitter’s abuses. These numbers support Musk and are in line with the HarrisX Overnight Poll. 57% believed advertisers should continue working with Twitter. 67 percent believed that Congress and the FBI should investigate the revelations made in the Twitter files.

Only 40% believed that the mainstream media was fair and impartial. 63% believed the mainstream media supported political censorship.

I’m thinking that if Musk is going to be checking polls, these are far more representative than the results of his last Twitter poll about stepping down. He may want to take these more to heart, because they do show support for him and what he’s trying to do.