Elon Musk’s Anti-Cancel Culture Crusade Could Give Regular People a Voice

Someone is setting the stage for a mass reaction against those trying to force their stupid views on us.

Elon Musk announced that he would pay the legal fees for those affected by cancel culture or who have lost their job. If he is serious, it could be a game-changer.

The cancellation culture is a powerful tool against freedom. Authoritarians have used it to punish and silence people who hold “wrong” political views.

This is what happened to Maria Tusken, owner of TuskenKnits. She found herself at the center of controversy when Karen Templer, a high-profile influencer in the online knitting space, was targeted over a blog post discussing her trip to India. Templer said traveling to the country was “like being offered a seat on a flight to Mars” and that if she can go to India, “I can do anything – I’m pretty sure.”

Tusken defended her against the woke, busybodies in her community who slammed Tusken for using “othering” language to promote imperialism on her trip. He said that people “just fell down” and apologized for their race while being “hostile in the name of social justice.”

Tusken was not the only victim.

Musk responded on Saturday to a silly debate about a NASCAR driver being dropped because he liked an offensive image. He declared his intention to help those who have been targeted in this way.

If you are unfairly treated in the workplace because of something you liked or posted on this platform, we will pay your legal fees.

No limit.

Please Let us Know.

Musk sent out a second tweet in which he promised to also target the directors of companies who play the “cancel-culture” game. Musk said: “We will not only sue, but we will be very loud and we will also target the boards of directors too.”

Musk’s statement could be a turning point in the culture war.

It’s been said many times that bullies who want to punish others for their views are just feckless cry bullies. Bullies will give up when they are threatened. It’s the same as Jamie Foxx or Noah Gragson. You can stop bullies by hitting them where it hurts: their wallets.