Drunk Driver Who Allegedly Smirked As He Repeatedly Ran Over A 6-Year-Old Boy Detained By Devastated Grandfather

After allegedly killing and running down a 6-year-old boy in southwest Houston, Pedro Alberto Hernandez, 52, was taken into custody. Hernandez was charged with felony murder as well as driving under the influence. According to authorities, this Hernandez’s fourth DUI arrest in 2015 was a result of Hernandez still being on probation for a 2020 DUI conviction.

Hernandez confessed to police that he had drunk four 16-ounce beers prior to driving his Chevrolet Tahoe to meet someone owing him money.

Hernandez is accused of running over the child three times at 5:55 p.m. before he stopped with his wheel on top of the child’s head. The victim’s grandfather shouted in terror, “My grandson!”

According to the victim’s grandfather, Hernandez tried to flee after he shouted at him to stop.

The grandfather was able to pull the suspect from the car and secure him against the vehicle’s hood. He detained Hernandez with the assistance of other witnesses until police arrived.

According to the Houston Police Department, Hernandez was intoxicated when he was arrested.

According to the HPD, the child and his family were walking to a store close to Leawood Boulevard. When the suspect ran down the boy, he had escaped ahead of his family. The suspect was immediately declared dead.

Sean Teare from Harris County’s Vehicular Crimes Division noted that Hernandez was a repeat offender. He said that this was Hernandez’s fourth DWI arrest. He said that the victim’s loved ones “will have to deal with the actions and decisions of this defendant for their entire lives.”

Hernandez was previously convicted in Harris County, Texas in 2015 of drunk driving. He was also convicted in Freestone County in 2016 and Fort Bend County in 2020. KHOU11 reported the acceptance by the district attorney of a felony murder case in this case.

Hernandez’s court date was moved to Tuesday in order to allow him to speak Spanish.

His bail was set at $600,000. He could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.