Drag Queen Visits Maine Public School to Recruit Students

Parents in Bangor, Maine can be assured that their children will learn about the real issues in public schools. Bangor High School’s enlightened teachers gave $1,000 to a man dressed as a mockery of a female and calling himself Priscilla. Priscilla Poppycocks received $1,000 for his hard work in regaling students about “his life as a gay man in Maine”.

Fox News reported Tuesday that Freedom of Access Act documents revealed another shocking episode of our age of ridiculousness: Priscilla, a drag-queen whose real name was Dominick Varney, spoke to Bangor High School’s students on May 4, as part of the ‘Support, Educate, Empower,’ series of the school to ’empower,’ LGBT students. Hey, it’s great, but couldn’t Bangor High School find something else to educate, support, and empower? Is our public school system now a long-term advertisement for homosexuality, as reported by Fox News on Tuesday?

The money used by the school to pay Dominic Varney was intended to be used for another kind of propaganda. The money came from a $15,000 grant the school received through the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. This foundation aims to “advance race equity in public education.” You might have assumed that racial discrimination in education had been illegalized and stigmatized since 1964. You’re ignoring all the systemic racism, which is why we need Critical Race Theorists.

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation says: “We are convinced that applying a race equity lens to analyze and solve problems is crucial for analyzing and resolving issues that have lasted for generations and impact people of color the most. This will ultimately affect ALL people – whether they belong to other marginalized groups or not.”

It’s clear that Dominic Varney is a divisive figure. But it’s unclear how his presentation furthered these objectives. Varney is, after all, white. Bangor is 88% White. Priscilla didn’t come to promote race victimhood. Fox reported that Varney spoke about ‘growing gay in Maine’ in the 90-minute workshop titled “Make Them Listen to You.” The flyer announcing the event stated: “During our discussions together, you will be able to try out some acting techniques, and learn how being different can help us all to succeed in life.” You’ll probably hear him sing!

Being different? Really?

Varney was told by Emilie Brand Throckmorton of Bangor High School, who spends much of her class time teaching pronoun fantasy, that she is a role model for the students and they want to see you shine your light.

This sort of thing has a clear effect. The New York Post reported on Monday that the number of Brown University Students who identify as LGBTQ+ had doubled since 2010. It is now approaching 40%. You’ll see more homosexuals if you tell kids that being gay is brave and heroic every day.

One of the problems is that in China, Russia, and Iran there are no drag queens working in schools to recruit new recruits. Only those young people who have shown courage and heroism are called heroic and courageous. There will be a clash between the two radical visions for education and society. It is unlikely that America will win.