Dr. Fauci Suddenly Appears to Flex His Tyrannical Muscles

Recent public appearances by Dr. Anthony Fauci have been resumed. After a few weeks where it seemed like the Biden administration had abandoned him, Dr. Anthony Fauci made his return to public appearances. There are many ways to fear-monger about a possible summer wave (because COVID-19 clearly is endemic and seasonal), but the good doctor is still on the scene and is as absurd as ever.

When does being absurd become dangerous? After Fauci’s latest commentary on the CDC mask ban being repealed, that’s a question you should probably answer. Surprisingly, he stated that the CDC should not have to answer to the courts when it comes to “public health” decisions.

This little tyrannical, petty gnome continues to outperform himself. Imagine a government bureaucracy operating as an all-powerful entity that is completely independent of the courts and voters. What is the limiting principle? What could the CDC do with this kind of governmental arrangement, other than providing services? It is obvious that there is no answer. They can literally make any law or order they like. If they violate the Constitution, there wouldn’t be any recourse without the courts.

This is how Fauci thinks. Fauci’s worldview is founded on the belief that experts exist on a higher plane than ordinary people, and are able to dictate to others through appeals to authority. These “experts” are rarely required to demonstrate their work and don’t admit when they are wrong. You will be accused of wanting to kill grandma if they disagree.

Most Americans are tired of being treated as peons by an elite that can’t think of a way out of a paper bag. Fauci is an objective failure. Since the 1980s AIDs epidemic, Fauci has been a failure. Even worse is the fact that he is the highest-paid US government employee. Fauci is a prime example of government failure and mediocrity.

We should all be grateful that we live in a system where Fauci and the CDC are restricted from running wild. Don’t misunderstand because he would if he could.