Don Lemon’s Defense of Biden’s Despicable Attacks May Just Get Him Booted

In a truly disgusting speech, Joe Biden attacked millions of Americans and demonized the opposition during a primetime speech at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This speech was shocking and divisive, the culmination of a week of similar attacks.

It’s a way to get the base to vote for Joe Biden and to make Joe Biden look like a fighter. But, it’s also an extremely banana republic thing to do. He is being the fascist whom he complains about and incites against ordinary Americans. We are supposed to believe that millions are threatening democracy because they want to make America great again. The problem for Biden, and the Democrats, is that the MAGA crime is simply that they will likely beat the Democrats in midterms. This is what all this was about. That was why Biden appealed to people to “vote, vote, and vote,” in a speech that the White House claimed was not political.

We reported on how Brianna Keilar and Jeff Zeleny, both CNN reporters, pointed out a major problem in the speech. It wasn’t that the speech was wrong or evil, but it also included the Marines supporting Biden in making such a political attack. This was something that they considered unprecedented. Even that minor correction caused the people on the left to scream at CNN and claim they were moving over to the Right. It was quite a sight to see the liberal tears.

Don Lemon tried to discredit any notion that this was a sign of the changes that were to come to CNN. They still have a problem. He went all-in to defend Joe Biden before Biden gave his abominable speech.

Lemon was speaking with Scott Jennings, a Republican who criticized Biden’s actions calling millions of Republicans “fascists” while claiming that there would be no “democracy” without voting Republican. Jennings pointed out that these messages are not unifying.

Don Lemon: Biden calls Republicans “fascists”: “Where’s it?” “No lies detected.” “He is telling the truth!”

“A thing must be called a thing. It must be called what it is. That is what unites us all.”

Lemon couldn’t help but say, “Can the unifying message that some of his statements are true because there are a lot of people? Scott, I have to tell you, Scott, many people would go, where is the lie?” Lemon might like to talk about how millions of Americans are “fascists”, when it’s Democrats who hold on to power and demonize their political opponents. Lemon claimed that he was not calling all Republicans fascists and that Biden was simply telling the truth about the situation in the country. You can’t call something a thing. It must be called what it is. Lemon said that this is unifying. How absurd is that statement? Falsely attacking millions upon millions of Americans is now “unifying.”

Lemon may have some insight that he might be in trouble if he continues to act like a Democratic operative. Lemon laughed, “I’m so in trouble.”

Chris Licht, CNN’s new boss, fired Brian Stelter. Word was spreading that more “changes” were on the horizon. Lemon may be safe, according to the last word. It seems like Lemon may have moved up the list because of that performance. When people like Lemon act like this, no one will take CNN’s claim of wanting to change seriously. CNN must clean up if they are to be taken seriously.