Does AOC Think Trump or DeSantis is Weaker?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democrat from New York, said she believed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “weaker” than Donald Trump, the former president’s successor. In a hypothetical 2024 match-up, polls show DeSantis performing better than President Biden.

Jen Psaki MSNBC’s Jen Psaki asked the congresswoman if Trump’s nomination would be the Democrats’ best chance to win the White House during the next election cycle.

While AOC has been an outspoken critic of the former president, the progressive suggested DeSantis is “weaker.”

Cortez said, “I’m convinced that DeSantis has made some very serious mistakes.” She added, “I feel he is weaker.” It is expected that the Florida Governor, who will run for president in 2024, will make some critical mistakes of a very high magnitude.

“You can’t beat Donald Trump, right?” AOC continued to blast DeSantis. “And that’s what he has really been trying to do. He may be trying to win a base, but that base belongs to Donald Trump.”

AOC claimed that DeSantis’ policies “go too far in Florida,” even though he won re-election by nearly 20 points in 2022.

“He has sacrificed I think the one thing that others may have thought would make him competitive, which is this idea that he would somehow be more rational than Donald Trump, which he isn’t,” the congresswoman told Psaki.

AOC claimed that there is no Republican candidate she can imagine challenging Trump to the GOP nomination.

She said, “The Republican Party is so disorganized that I cannot imagine anyone else who can unite them, even Donald Trump.”

Recent USA Today/Suffolk University polling found that 64% of those who voted again for Trump in 2020 wanted to see him as the GOP nominee in 2019. 27% chose a different candidate.

DeSantis has been voted the most popular choice by those who want to see a new Republican on the ballot for the next election. DeSantis is the top choice for those hoping to see a new Republican candidate on the ballot in the next election cycle, despite not having entered the race yet.