Doctors Admit Gender-Affirming Care Causes Infertility

The truth is finally coming out regarding “gender-affirming care.” As with every cultural rule the Left wants to enforce, the reality comes out after the four stages of gaslighting. Stage one is when the Right notices what they are doing, and the Left denies it is happening. Then the Left concedes it is happening and challenges you to justify caring. Then the Left calls anyone who disagrees with the appropriate ‘ist or a ‘phone.

They finally tell the truth. They hope that the name-calling won’t silence any objections. Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire has revealed alarming details about Vanderbilt University Hospital’s gender transition services for minors.

Spencer Lundquist from Breitbart News shared videos of Dr. Jeremi Carswell’s presentation at Boston’s Children’s Hospital on gender clinic. Carswell said:

Fertility. It is important to understand that you can’t make your gonads grow without starting.

If we have a 12-year-old testicle-bearing person, we will inject a [puberty] blocking medicine. This will allow us to start taking estrogen. You can reverse everything.

This is not something you can ignore. She said, “testicle-bearing person”. Carswell’s ideology is long dead.

Other risks and consequences of puberty-blocking drugs include brain maturation and height. Carswell claims children are given puberty blockers “like candy” and sometimes without any mental healthcare consultation.

The robbery of young women is the primary reason for female genital surgery. Patients can also influence gender-affirming doctors.

It makes me anxious if I feel like I’ll say something controversial. That is dangerous to me.

It should not be surprising that there has been a significant increase in the number of patients at Carswell’s clinic, from 25 to almost 350 from 2014 to 2017.

As revelations continue to accelerate, a video from 2019 is making the rounds. In a TED Talk, she made similar comments. She said that the transgender surgery demand had increased fivefold in five years. She advocated for young boys to be given estrogen and other puberty blockers.

Avery’s tests failed to develop after she added estrogen to her therapy, and added pubertal-blocking drugs. Avery has lost the ability to conceive biological children.

Her testes weren’t functional. Should Avery wait until she is 18 to have surgery?

It is absurd for a licensed doctor at a university hospital to use the term “her tests”. Aye doesn’t also see the logic in comparing the medical castration of a young man with an infection in a large portion of the large intestine that evolution has forgotten.

Remember that the long-term effects of using puberty blockers were something professionals in “gender-affirming” professions were well aware of. Don’t let them keep you quiet with your shrieks or problems. Tell the story of Avery to everyone.

You are able to share Chloe Cole’s story with you. Chloe uses her own transgender journey as a cautionary tale and asks important questions.

How did you get here? What is the secret to our success? These are not racist questions and activists who refuse or try to answer them should be regarded as a red flag.

Chole, who had been given puberty-blocking medication at age 15, underwent a bilateral mastectomy.

LISTEN TO Chole Cole’s story