Disney’s Star Wars $5,000-A-Nigh Nerd Hotel Fails Fantastically

Disney may have succeeded in a galaxy far far away but its Star Wars themed hotel has failed spectacularly on Earth.
The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel at Walt Disney World, Florida will be closing its doors.

The company stated that the boutique-style experience was a great way to experiment with new ideas on a smaller scale. As we prepare to close the hotel, we will use what we have learned to develop future experiences to reach out to more guests and fans.

The website of the 100-room Hotel now shows that the last “voyages” are scheduled for September 28.

Washington Post reports that guests who have booked after the closure announcement will be able to switch their bookings for an earlier time slot. The Washington Post reported that it is not clear whether guests can be reimbursed for spending their money in other places.

Bookings are currently paused but will be reopened on May 26.

The hotel is billed by the company to be “the most immersive Star Wars experience ever created — a journey that takes you further into the Star Wars universe than you could have ever imagined possible.” It features live music, children’s activities, and costumed staff.

Scott Trowbridge was the Disney creative executive in charge of overseeing the development of this failed hotel. He said, “We have made the first thing that will hopefully change our thinking about the possibilities of immersion experiences.”

Polygon referred to it as “a Disney Cruise Ship on Land.”

The Verge described it as “a huge improv with dozens strangers,” with an “exorbitant cost.”

The price of a cabin for two guests is currently $1,209 per person per night, or $4,809 in total. A minimum of $5,299 would be required to cover two adults and one child, not counting other Disney cash grabs.

IGN reported the windowless rooms “are as basic and unimaginative as you can get.” The standard cabins are similar to those found on cruise ships. It’s hard to believe that Disney could have made the rooms as big as they wanted, but chose to keep them small.

The New York Times reported that a suite with a lot of extras can cost up to $20,000.

The family price of $6000 for four people just seems too high. “A family of four can do much more for the same money at Disney or Disney Cruise Line,” Matt Roseboom, Attractions magazine.

Vacation packages do not include alcohol. The price of a glass of beer is $13.50 and the cost for wine is at least $11.

Robert Niles is the founder and editor of Theme Park Insider. He told The Washington Post that “there was no way this could ever scale up to the numbers it would make enough money to be an investment better than other projects Disney could spend its operating budget on.”

Niles emphasized that “Disney is a blockbuster company, not a boutique.”

Orlando Sentinel reported that Disney’s blockbuster movie failure is not being planned for immediate demolition.