Disney’s New Woke Captain America Movie: A Recipe for Disaster?

Remember when Disney was a master at entertaining audiences and Marvel Studios produced exciting and fun films that people wanted to see? Those days are over. Disney and Marvel are trying to create something successful after a string of failures.

As I previously reported, the latest movie from the Disney-owned Marvel Studios, “The Marvels,” is on track to have the lowest Marvel Cinematic Universe opening ever. It has been panned by critics and audience members alike. The movie reportedly cost $350 million in production and marketing.

Disney executives are already reeling from the recent flop of “Captain America: Brave New World.” It looks like the film is headed for a similar fate. Jeff Sneider, host of the “Hot Mic” podcast said that the movie will be released in 2025 after failing to perform well during screening tests.

“The delay was primarily due to the Hollywood strikes, but a follow-up report claimed that the latest Captain America adventure did not go over particularly well in test screenings. Apparently, three key sequences have been cut, and reshoots are planned from January until May/June of next year,” reports ComicBookMovie.

This is a five-month plan of reshoots. Reshoots, of course, are common. However, it appears that there were so many problems with the movie that the story had to be changed significantly to try to save it.

An anonymous 4chan user, who claimed to have attended a Los Angeles screening (I will not link to the post as I cannot verify the claim), says that the film has a much stronger political message than the Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier from which the movie continues. He says the plot revolves around politics, the President, and an Election. Who goes to a Marvel Studios film for that? The user claims that the President in the movie is Trump’s proxy, and the story becomes a metaphor for January 6.

This report explains many things if it is true. The purpose of going to the cinema is to be entertained and not to hear lectures. This story from an alleged test-screening attendee is true. It is clear that Marvel still hasn’t figured out how to avoid alienating half of their audience while boring the other half. It’s clear that the test screenings were a disaster. I believe that Disney/Marvel has made another woke film that audiences can’t relate to.