Did They Finally Choose A Name Other Than The Washington Football Team?

It has been more than a year and a half since the end of our national nightmare. It’s been over a year and a half since our national nightmare ended.

Because the team was under intense pressure during the George Floyd riots, its 87-year-old nickname was dropped. There was no room for rational discussion. The “Redskins”, the team’s 87-year-old name, was dropped because it was demeaning to Native Americans. This reasoning is based on the absurd premise that sports teams are named for things people dislike.

The Washington Senators were the previous major league baseball team from Washington. If the Redskins wanted to insult American Indians, this was the demeaning name for the Senators. It was offensive to not 100 solons at Capitol Building, but to the poor baseball players who were forced to play under a name that referred to corrupt hackers and kleptocrats.

Renaming offensive sports teams is part of the same process that the removal of Ulysses S. Grant statues and Thomas Jefferson statues.

The Washington Football Team is now the next step. Washington’s footballers are simple and straightforward, unlike other teams who have distinctive nicknames for their players. Washington’s footballers have a simple and flat-footed name. This is because of decades of being racists.

If the team isn’t interested in continuing playing with its penitential, drab nickname, six other names are possible. It was defeated.

The Presidents are now. This leaves Presidents.

This won’t work. Washington Football Team, if it doesn’t want to be a nuisance to our woke guardians (which is, incidentally, the new name for Cleveland’s docile, submissive MLB team), will likely choose to ignore its finalists and name themselves something they love.