DeSantis’s Electability Argument Over Trump Falls Flat in Polls

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could be a candidate for the presidency. One of his main selling points – that he is more “electable”, in the general election in 2024, than Donald Trump – doesn’t seem to be reflected in polls.

Donald Trump remains the overwhelming favorite to win the Republican nomination for President despite four indictments. It’s not surprising that a majority of Republicans believe the indictments were politically motivated.

A recent Fox News poll regarding the general election of 2024 found that Trump performed better than any other GOP candidate. At this stage of the campaign, it is clear that Trump has the support of Republican voters, regardless of any legal issues. It’s hard to imagine how more information about these four cases could fundamentally alter the fact that Trump remains the unqualified and clear choice of Republican voters.

The New York Sun:

The poll conducted for the general election found that Donald Trump was the most popular candidate among Republicans. He received 41 percent of the vote in comparison to President Biden who got 44 percent. The poll indicates that Mr. Trump will lose to the incumbent.

Mr. DeSantis, the second-best-performing Republican, received 39 percent of the vote to Mr. Biden’s 44 percent. When Mr. Ramaswamy, a businessman, faced Mr. Biden in a contest, Mr. Ramaswamy received 38 percent of the vote, compared to Mr. Biden’s 42 percent.

According to the poll, Nikki Haley and Senator Scott, former ambassadors to the United Nations, governors of South Carolina, and former South Carolina senators, would both receive 36 percent support from voters against Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden however, would receive 42 percent in both matches. Fox News, Beacon Research, and Shaw and Company Research conducted a survey of 1,000 registered voters. The margin of error for the general election was plus or minus three points.

DeSantis’s much-ballyhooed “reboot” campaign hasn’t done much — at the very least, not yet. There are signs that other candidates may be in a stronger position to challenge Donald Trump, especially among Republicans who are looking to stop his candidacy.

Ramaswamy’s support for the GOP primary has increased by more than two-fold since the June poll. This coincides with the efforts of Mr. DeSantis to gain momentum going into the primaries in 2019. Ramaswamy has about 11 percent of primary voters’ support, according to the poll. In June, this number was only 5 percent.

Daron Shaw, a pollster at Fox News, said that Ramaswamy was the story. “He’s the first candidate who has broken from the pack and challenged DeSantis. While he’s still a long way from threatening Trump, it’s the right step.”

Ramaswamy has been the talk of the town for the moment. He’ll need to prove he can outlast other Republican candidates to Trump as media attention falls upon him.

Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their supporters do not want to hear the attitude of the voters towards Trump and his indictments.

Cary Arnold, a 56-year-old Republican from Eldersburg in Maryland, said: “Trump has clearly declared his candidacy for the presidency and that the current administration wants to arrest and jail their political opponent.” “On the surface, that looks very, very bad.” You’d expect to see that in dictator-run countries of the third world.

All but the most fervent Democratic partisans, who are hysterically against Trump, share this sentiment. The voters are concerned about Trump’s actions. But making four criminal charges out of it?

Arnold stated that he had not seen any illegal activity. “I’m aware that people have claimed that he has done things illegally. But none of their claims make sense.”

The four indictments do not include a “slam-dunk” case. When indicting the former president of the opposition party, who is well ahead in the race for the party to represent in the general elections in 2024, “slam-dunk” is exactly what is needed.