DeSantis Verbally Groin-Kicks a Reporter and It Is Glorious

It can be difficult and exhausting to deal with politics every day. Although I enjoy the journey, there is always a paycheck at its end. However, it can be tedious.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is my favorite thing about him. He keeps finding new ways to breathe life into the news cycle.

That fresh air is often a hurricane-force wind, which levels progressive nonsense.

DeSantis made a brief attack on the Biden administration during a Tuesday public appearance in Miami to announce funding for cancer research. He criticized the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba, which DeSantis pointed out would only benefit dictatorships.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, DeSantis stated that “I believe we’ve heard this song before.” “That’s going to increase money going to the dictatorship.”

DeSantis was asked by a reporter how he felt about a Democratic state legislator who is outspoken and admitted socialist. This was Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith. He recently compared him and his administration with regimes such as Maduro’s Venezuela and Castro’s Cuba.

DeSantis responded with a spectacular show, which provided a great blueprint for Republicans to follow in the months ahead as Democrats continue their creeping march towards socialism.

Here’s the video:


Last year, I stated that DeSantis should teach media relations to other Republicans.

More than ever. Because many Republicans are afraid of being criticized by the leftist hacks in mainstream media, I believe they say this.

Spoiler alert! They’ll say negative things about you anyway.

DeSantis is aware that he won’t have any friends in the MSM. DeSantis doesn’t care. He embraces it.

He is a guide for Republicans on media relations. They could reap long-lasting good fortune if they pay close attention to him.