DeSantis Under Fire From the Right for Big Business Comments

The NatCon 2022 speech by Ron DeSantis sent shockwaves through the left. DeSantis claimed that the government was not correct about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

DeSantis’ speech was not just criticized by the left.

DeSantis stated that some of these large corporations are now exercising quasi-public power. “This is the latest example in a trend in which conservatives mix private actions with government coercion.

Wow. DeSantis says large businesses aren’t really private, and thus don’t have First Amendment rights, because they’re doing the bidding of “the regime.”

It’s important to note that DeSantis’ comments above aren’t entirely accurate. He refers to the worrying trend of mega-corporations being controlled (often by back-channel methods), by the federal government to suppress rights that are otherwise not popularly supported.

Contrary what popular belief, it’s illegal. While it would be difficult for anyone to know the extent of collusion, DeSantis doesn’t think that any person is wrong.

Is it possible to believe that the latest credit card company move is just a coincidence?

Credit card companies and Democrats are open to collusion in restricting gun rights.

It is called fascism when private corporations are controlled and influenced directly by the federal government. It is unacceptable for rights to be crushed by large corporations who work with Democrats in any manner than rights being crushed directly and directly by the government.

Other examples include the collusion between government officials and private companies in order to push for vaccine mandates DeSantis also referred to this, drawing criticism.

DeSantis asserts that “an individual has a right to participate in the society” and defends his ban against private companies asking for proof that they have been vaccinated.

This is not the argument that the “bake the cake-ers” make.

Let’s close. Libertarians may be content to make drug legalization their top priority. DeSantis knows what time it is, and where it is headed. I have a suggestion. Vote Libertarians.

Conservatives won’t sit back and allow far-left politicians to work with oligarchic corporations to create a society where you can’t shop at Wal-Mart and get a vaccine that has no effect on other people (i.e. transmission).