Dem Lawmaker Blasts Biden Admin For Environmental Policy Hypocrisy

Jared Golden, a Democratic Representative, slammed the Biden Administration for hypocrisy this week. He claimed that President Joe Biden favors certain climate policies and ignores their environmental consequences.
What’s the background?

Maine’s lobster industry has warned about climate policies by the Biden administration that would protect endangered North American right whale species at cost of Maine’s lobster business, which is vital to the state’s economic health.

Despite the lack of evidence to show that fishing businesses have endangered any whales, police are stepping up their efforts to stop the fishing industry.

What is the Golden saying?

Fox News reported that the Maine congressman said the Biden administration had targeted the lobster industry, citing environmental issues, but ignoring the dangers of offshore wind energy projects which Biden has championed.

“The hypocrisy is what pissed me off because I know that freight vessels strike right whales and other whales all the time. Golden stated that cruise ships that are carrying people around hit them. The federal government makes very little effort to do anything.

Golden claims that the government has not been able to provide data to prove that Maine’s lobster industry has a negative impact on marine wildlife.

“Am I concerned by hypocrisy in the federal government’s handling of the Maine lobster fishery and not big energy projects?” “The answer is 100% yes. For four years, I have been relentlessly harassing the federal government to provide evidence that Maine’s lobster fishing is responsible for any type of entanglement or death of right whales.” he said to Fox News.

He explained that they cannot show field-gathered data. “All they have is these computer-driven formulas, which show risk even though it has been nearly 20 years since there was any whale entanglement in connection with the Maine lobster fishing. They’ve attempted to regulate the fishery despite the lack of data.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Golden and three of his Republican co-representatives — Reps. Jeff Van Drew, Chris Smith, and Andy Harris (Md. Federal officials were contacted by Golden and three of his Republican colleagues — Reps. Jeff Van Drew (N.J.), Chris Smith (N.J.) and Andy Harris (Md.) — to request more information on the danger that offshore energy projects present to marine wildlife.

For wind energy projects, the federal government has made available 1.7 million acres of land for lease.