Dead Hong Kong Model Abby Choi’s Ex-Husband and Former In-Laws Detained on Murder Charges

Monday’s arrest of Abby Choi’s ex-husband, who was accused of murdering the murdered Hong Kong model, was made on the basis of murder charges. The couple’s home was found with body parts and a skull.

Alex Kwong’s ex-husband, Kwong Kau, and Anthony Kwong were both arrested on Sunday for the murder of Choi. This case has now become a family affair. Choi vanished Tuesday leaving behind a model.

Kwong’s mother Jenny Li was also accused of perverting justice.

Choi has more than 100,000 Instagram followers. Her last post was on February 19, when Choi shared a photo of a shoot she did together with L’Officiel Monaco. She then disappeared two days later.

Police found her dismembered body Friday in a refrigerator in the home rented by her former father-in-law, along with the skull belonging to a female believed to be the 28-year-old model.

Officials said the skull, which reportedly had a hole in it, was found in a pot seized from the home in a suburban Hong Kong area roughly 30 minutes from mainland China.

Other tools that were used to dismember human body parts were also found in this flat,” Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit’s Alan Chung said Saturday.

The four-member family of lawyers has not yet commented on the case and the defendants have yet to plead guilty.

No bail was granted to any defendants and the case was rescheduled again for May.

Choi married Chris Tam and had two children from her first marriage and two more from her second.

According to a friend of Choi’s, Bernard Cheng, the 28-year-old model shared a good relationship with both families and would travel with the families of her current and former husband.

However, according to Hong Kong police, Choi had ongoing financial disputes with her ex-husband and his family, and she allegedly owed them millions of dollars.

Police noted that “some people” were unhappy with Choi’s financial decisions.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in southern China.